10 vital heads-up for undergraduates

The “UNDERGRADUATE” journey started with Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Nigeria) or Pre-degree programme. After which we were offered admission and given resumption date.

A few weeks after resumption, there are programs for fresh men. Likes of orientation week, matriculation ceremony, freshers’ night and others

Orientation week is a vital programme. It bags inspiring talks, which are academically and morally useful during and after your program.

The relevance of your discipline is usually the theme.

During this program, we were enlightened on how to be among the successful at the end of the program.

And during the program, we got to know other tips.

Attending classes/lectures is a vital part of being a successful graduate; you need to listen attentively during lectures so you won’t need to read much for exams. We knew

After the lecture, if there’s anything you don’t understand, ask questions! The lecturer won’t kill you for it. We knew that too

Get materials/texts used by your lecturers; read from page “start” to page “end” and if there’re practice questions therein, be sure to answer them. Yeah! We knew

Be sure to take attendance where applicable and do your assignments diligently. Trust me, we did know

“Students’ life is the best”. It’s the moment when you’re free from fending for anyone. It’s just you, except in some complicated cases of course. We knew that too, it’s obvious

But what about those things we didn’t know and weren’t told?

Were they thinking we’re too young to handle it, can’t understand it or won’t believe it?

Or maybe experience is the best teacher.

Below are things I wish I knew as an undergraduate:

  • You can be a first class student yet regret your result because you could have done better
  • There’s no automatic job out there waiting for you
  • Just B.A/B.Sc/B.Tech and so on is not enough to take you through, in life
  • Life after school is another journey entirely
  • Long holidays are solely not for relaxation or fun, rather, also to sought additional skills to add to your CV.
  • It takes more than good results to be called a graduate
  • You may not use your certificate throughout your lifetime
  • There’re graduates with better chances and  results without jobs
  • Being a graduate does not automatically make you a superior being
  • You probably don’t know anything (at your time of graduation) regarding the job you’ll be using that certificate for; you’ll need additional training(s)..

Graduates, what have I missed?
What else do you wish you knew as an undergraduate?
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