3 Master Keys to a Successful Business

You sure crave success in your business but you need to thread the path to ensure it. There are among others, three keys which you must work with and hold on to if you want to fly high in your business life.

1. Persistency

The tenacity to hold on, refusal to give up, and the determination to pull on are the persistency ropes which you must hold on to in your business life to move your business to a successful stage.

You may be determined at the start never to get pulled down by any circumstance, that’s quite easy I’d say. But the major task is holding on to the determination during the course of your business; when challenges begin to surface and the need to stand firm begins to call.

To get to the successful point needs you to cross hurdles–the self-denial and many sacrifices. However, the more successfully you cross the hurdles, the more you’d get fit for success. And ultimately, the more success you’d to earn.

Akio Morita, the founder of Sony, had his first product sold very less and yet he didn’t waver but kept moving. You can wonder how big the company is today.

Successes arising from being persistent can be seen from writers, scientists, artists, and politicians alike. The scientist, Albert Einstein, could not read until he was seven and his teachers thought of him as mentally retarded, yet he kept pulling on. In fact, he won the Nobel Prize and made a mark in science.

The key to making a mark in your business life as well is persistence. Do not be weighed down because of any setback you may encounter during the course of your business. Do not quit even when setbacks seem unending.

Elbert Hubbard said: “A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success”. Who knows, perhaps you are so close to breaking out. The setback you’re encountering may be the breaking limit to success. Just like a baby struggles to walk; survive many falls and keep standing each time in order to walk on the two legs. Struggle and hope to stand firm soon. Move on and never relent.

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2. Consistency

You must be consistent in your business.  Check often to make sure that your underlying principle is not faltered. Outside influences will creep into your business, but you must keep on with the good and rich qualities you started with.

Ensure that you don’t give the society the chance to change your business policies (the quality ones you’ve foremostly set). You may be motivated and tenacious, but a key to keep moving is to ensure that your conviction never changes with any circumstance.

Don’t be deluded into thinking that your product is odd. So far you are doing that which is right, then keep on moving and believe me your right product would soon be appreciated.

Arsene Wenger quoted: “When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.” You must also develop consistency in your business life.

3. Timely Shift

To ensure dynamism, move and act as and when due. Being persistent and consistent should not deter you from shifting when necessary and according to the trend of things.

If you started your company in days before technological evolvement, then you must know that to excel in this century, you need to inculcate technological trend into your business.

Do not be stagnant and obstinate in your business decisions. Embrace new developments whether it comes from you, your associates or outsiders. Think often about new things (or employ brains to do this for you).

The baseline here is that you shouldn’t be stagnant on a method. Move on, develop, advance, but make sure you don’t reduce the quality of your business. Never relent and never relax.



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