3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Surely, There is something beneficial

It has been estimated that about 172,800 blogs are created every day around the world. With this sporadic creation of blogs, many people still don’t see reasons why they should have one. From the outrageous number, it is obvious that it gives a kind of value and it is beneficial. Surely, it seems there is something to gain in having a blog personally and/or for your business.

Nothing to lose, it’s free!

Surprisingly, having these cyber-properties known as blogs will cost you nothing; they are absolutely free of charge. You don’t need to pay anybody and it is also a DIY stuff that can be created in 5 minutes if you are averagely fast!

You may not see the ‘cheapness’ and ‘ease’ as good reasons to have a blog but it’s more than that. I will take the pain to take you through 3 great reasons why you should own a blog and create one immediately after reading this.

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Why am I helping you? I want you to succeed by moving you and your business to another level and help you achieve your dreams earlier than anticipated! Here are 3 reasons why you should create a blog:

1. It Helps You Build An Audience

People naturally get attached and loyal to any platform that gives them value. Having a blog gives you the opportunity to create and disperse value which people get automatically attracted and attached to. If you are creating the right type of value for them, they would definitely become your audience as they would not want to miss out on the value you constantly provide for them. For example as a fruit enthusiast, create a blog that tells people about the fruits in season, the nutrients inherent in fruits, how they can use fruits to prepare meals or for certain therapeutic uses, hidden or secret uses of fruits and their parts, etc. Everyone who loves fruit becomes an automatic audience, especially vegetarians.

Then after you secure a loyal audience base, you can do whatever you like with them, for example building a good email marketing structure, advertising your or other people’s services, especially if they are related to the value you provide. And that can make you a lot of money if done with the right strategies. Additionally, become a trusted brand. Is that not a big step towards achieving your dreams? If so, go get a blog right away! But first, complete reading this article.

2. It Greatly Improves Your Resume

Having a blog gives you the platform to display your skill, expertise, talent and erudition to the world. Not having a blog shuts you off from exposing your services and expertise to millions of people on the internet. With a blog, you can sell yourself to millions within minutes using the right strategies, say Social Media. By this, you have carved a niche and built a credibility for yourself. You are now an experienced professional in this field which can serve as a reference for you anytime anyone cares to know about your experience and achievement so far, all you have to do is send them the necessary links. That’s invaluable!

3. You Can Monetize Your Blog

One of the best reasons why you should consider having a blog is to make some cool cash. Having attractive contents which make you have a large traffic is just a step away from making some huge sums of money. This will make you the best option for anyone who wants to advertise their products or services to your kind of audience. For example, a telecommunication company will prefer advertising on a site that has contents about mobile phones, computers, etc. You can also get money from advertising product-specific affiliate programs by registering for some of the programs below:

• Google Adsense

• Chitika

• BlogHer Publishing Network

• CJ Affiliate

• Click Bank

• Rakuten LinkShare, etc.

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Finally, anyone who is enthusiastic about creating value can do so by possessing an online presence via blogging. It doesn’t affect your daily routine. You can blog on the go, via your smartphone. There are also some mobile and desktop tools which make blogging easier and cool. Check out these; WordPress, Yoast SEO Plugin, Trello, Canva, etc.

After reading this, do yourself a favor. Create a cool blog for yourself and you will find the experience exciting and fulfilling. Thank me later.




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