4 Bad Habits that Kill People’s Dreams and Desires

As a kid, I looked at some people and their lives–bad habits inclusive–and wished I could be like them. As time went on, I started to learn a lot about life and it’s workings. I started to carve out my own dreams and began to create an imaginary future for myself. These dreams were about the kind of spouse I want to have, the career I want to undertake, where I want to live, etc.

On and on I created that future until I realized I am not alone in the mental adventure, all humans do the same. I realized that every one of us has dreams.

Dreams refer to those ideals, ambitions, and aspirations that we cherish so much and wish to come into reality soonest.

After realizing we all have dreams, I learned that there are some traits–characters, behaviors, attitudes, actions–which I must exhibit to make those dreams achievable. And conversely, there are things which I would do that will kill them.

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On the importance of our actions and character on our dreams, Henry David Thoreau said, “Dreams are the touchstones of our characters”.

After years of research, it has been concluded that there are some basic bad habits that can kill anyone and everyone’s dreams and I have enumerated 4 below:

1. Procrastination

Almost everyone is acquainted with the saying that “Procrastination is the thief of time”. This is the plain truth. When you delay actions till when they are 100% comfortable, you will end up not achieving much of your goals. Make hay while the sun shines.

2. Holding on to your past

If you don’t forget about the past negative experiences that trouble your heart, you would not be able to experience new ones with ease, as it will dragging you backward. There is an Arab saying that “you should write all your bad memories in the sand so that they can be easily erased away”. If you don’t free yourself from yesterday, you won’t be able to live tomorrow. Get out of the past, face the future, and dare to achieve.

3. Extravagance

Most of our dreams need our financial investment. Either you want to travel around the world, start a business, or buy a property, you will need money to do so. If you spend money on unimportant things, you would eventually not have enough to save for the accomplishments of your dreams. Think twice before you buy unimportant things such as games, clothes, luxury wristwatches, etc. The best investment is saving.

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4. Quitting

This is the worst and a final deadly blow to the achievement of your dreams. Giving up your dreams is a catastrophic decision. You will seldom make any accomplishment in life if you make quitting a habit. Just as the saying goes, “quitters never win, winners never quit”. Quitting is the easiest way to fail. It is good to hold on to your dreams as much as possible, nay, till you achieve them.

Bottom Line

If you kill these 4 bad habits on time, you will save your dreams from being killed by them. Do not refrain from just one or some of them, refrain from all because one of them is just as deadly to your dreams as all others combined. Do not leave any stone untouched, eliminate all these bad habits and you are on the right and easy path to achieving your dreams.

Kill those bad habits today before they kill your dreams. Act now!



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