4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Do you feel unwanted at your workplace? Do you feel uncomfortable or suffer from verbal attacks from your employer often?

After getting tired of our job, we often try to seek advice from families and friends about what to do. After getting acquainted with our plight, most of them advise us to leave the job and switch to another. At this point, to execute the change is hard.

Some don’t even realize it is time to change their job till another person tells them from observations. Tall like a cocoa house ‘The Dip’, Seth Godin said, “Winners quit all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time”

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The questions which arise at this point is: When is the right time to quit? At exactly what point should you quit?

There are certain signs which if noticed, you know it is high time you quitted that job you are on presently. Here are the 5 most important ones:

1. Underutilization

This is a situation in which your skills are not being adequately tapped. For example, you have 5 sets of skills and expertise but only one is being utilized in the job. This makes you less productive and less effective.

You have to seek new opportunities which will make you use what you got in you more. You are actually better off somewhere else. You have to pack your stuff and move on to better things immediately.

2. Underpayment

You may notice that your tasks are frequently being increased but your remuneration does not increase accordingly. The normal situation is that when your task increases, you ought to be paid more as you have now become more productive and more beneficial to the corporation.

For any reason that you are not remunerated according to your increase in productivity, you should start considering taking off from such a job and get a better one where you will be valued accordingly.

3. Loss of passion

When you realize that you have lost all enthusiasm for that job and you are no more happy and lively about going to work, you must quit. When you are no more willing to go to work as happily as before and you walk into that workplace with anxiety, fear or sadness, that is a crystal-clear sign that you are no more feeling wanted or you are not just feeling about the work anymore.

Staying there after this will grossly affect your productivity and efficiency and will make you leave at last, or maybe even get fired due to your negative change in attitude. Before you get depressed or shown the way out, do the honorable, quit peacefully and go for something you are more passionate about. However, before you quit, be sure you have really lost passion not just tired or angry.

4. Interference

Your job and other areas of your life should not be in conflict. At a point when your work is already affecting other areas of your life negatively then it is time to start thinking of leaving that work.

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For example, if your work is already posing a threat to your family life, your social relationships or your health, that is no more healthy and you ought to switch to something that can co-exist peacefully with your lifestyle. This will make your life more stable and make you more productive at work and those other areas hitherto affected.

Bottom line on when to quit a job

Staying at a job after these four signs above is a threat to your social, health and psychological well-being. You have to do the needful. You have to quit the job before it quits  you. If you do that, I promise you a happier and more productive career and  personal lifestyle.



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