4 Great Ways to Create An Amazing Customer Service

Every business thrives on consumers’ patronage, without which there is no ‘business’ at all, just a bunch of unsold products. Either you are selling goods or rendering services, you need to create an optimum customer service.

Studies have shown that most customers forget about the product itself but vividly remember their experience with the seller. If a customer can remember you positively, there is more probability that they would not only come back but will also tell other people about their experience.

So it is important for every businessman or entrepreneur who wants to thrive to put in place mechanisms to give buyers/clients a great service.

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To achieve a great customer service, there are some proven tips which have been successful and can give your business an edge others. See some below

1. Be Attentive

It is important to give your customers a hundred percent attention when dealing with them. Pay attention to every detail, try to know what they like and what they don’t. Note their preferences and always consider these in serving them.When they realize you are paying attention to them, they won’t think of trying any other place. Naturally, they lean towards patronizing you even without them knowing why.

When they realize you are paying attention to them, they won’t think of trying any other place. Naturally, they lean towards patronizing you even without them knowing why.

2. Personalized Service

When dealing with your customers, give each of their treatment a personal touch paying attention to their circumstance, preference and characteristics.

For example, addressing them by their names, notifying them of a particular product which you know they crave, not suggesting a product they have an allergy to, sending them wishes on their birthday and other general celebrations, etc. Paying attention to their preferences and showing them that you do gives you an edge over any other competitor.

3. Appreciation

After an interaction with a customer, you should express sincere appreciation to them. Show them that they are the reason why the business is alive. Make them know their worth and make each of them feel inestimable.

Each customer should always feel royal. Use phrases like, “You are the best customer ever”. People often get more comfortable where they are appreciated and their worth is known. Telling them how much you value them will always keep their experience with you evergreen in their memory, result of this being a repetitive patronage and referrals.

4. Great After-service

You should never desert your customer after the transaction if you really want to be remembered (above others). If you do this, you are passing a message across that you only care about the sales and not about them.

Make sure you still communicate with your customers even after the purchase when they are away from the point of purchase. Ask them how they feel using your product, take note of their feedback and use it to improve your goods/services.

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Final thoughts on great customer service

Customers may forget about what they bought from you or where they bought it but they never forget how you made them feel. Customers having a positive feeling for your brand is your responsibility.

Having customers is not as hard as keeping them, it is the seller who keeps a customer that owns the customer because that may mean they will never go elsewhere. Rendering great customer service experience should be as vital to you as the existence of the business itself because customers make your business thrive.



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