5 Worse Email Subject Lines Ever

One of the day-to-day activities of any business, startup or organization is sending or receiving emails. If you’re at the former, your email subject lines need to be outstanding to catch the receiver’s attention.

Many a time, emails are sent to people we’ve never met. Maybe that’s the first ever, communication with the receiver.

If you agree with me, several emails get trashed. Yes! I mean you just use the trash button without opening the email. Awkward email subject lines are usually the cause.

Below are 5 email subject lines to stay away from:

#1 Urgent!!!

This is usually funny, you don’t even know me and you’re telling me “Urgent”? What an easy way to use the trash button!

Why is there even the need for an exclamation? I thought exclamation insinuates you’re shouting at me.

Why would I read an email whose subject sounds like you’re shouting at me?

Trust me, there’s no urgency in tagging an e-mail Urgent!!! Perhaps, except we’re well accustomed to ourselves before hand.

Otherwise, I won’t even open it.

#2 Free

For a while now, I’ve been of the opinion that internet freebies are a way of extorting people.

Why do you have to tag your e-mail subject free? It sounds like a scam.

Maybe the mail would even go straight to my spam folder.

#3 Using customer’s first name

Hello Saheed,

Wow, I am not being proud but that sounds too personal. I thought your email ought to sound official.

Who are you to go that personal with me? Have you even heard of me before?

Unnecessary familiarity is fraud. You claim to know me before when you actually don’t.

Maybe just one person in this world calls me by my first name, who knows?

#4 Last chance to complete our survey

What? Really? Last chance? Would you be paying me for the survey?

I didn’t even request a chance to complete your survey, how come you’re threatening me with a last chance?

I won’t think twice, your mail is going to trash. Straight up! 

#5 Register to win a free …

Free what? Just registration? What an obvious scam!

The internet is full of billions, who knows how many people you sent the mail to. Yet, you’re telling me to register to win a free …

Obviously, it’s a promise you can’t fulfill. Even well-established companies don’t dare make such an extravagant promise.

What a worse email subject line. It’s time to go to where it belongs–Trash!


The wrong choice of email subject line could put an end to your marketing campaign–a campaign you thought you’ve not even started.

Now I know what you’re thinking!

What are the best email subject lines to use? That comes in handy.

Keep reading, it’s one of our next set of posts. Cheers, and stay focused!



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