6 Life Facts to Know Before You Turn 30

Let me ask you a question. How long do you wish to stay in the world? Did I hear you say “above 30 for sure”? Oh, yes definitely. So do I. (one of the facts)

Nevertheless, can I be straight up with you? Age is just a number! Nothing more! It’s an “arithmetic progression” of 365 days to add one.

Do you understand me yet? I mean age is not a determining factor of who you are–what you’ve achieved, how matured you’ve become or how much of life experience you’ve gained.

But age can only be worthwhile with all these factors. A lot ought to be embedded in the “age factor”.

Hence, the cause for a long list of expectations (by people from you) as your age increases. For example, most people expect a 2-year-old baby to communicate just as most expect a 14-year-old to be ready for high-school. What is expected of a 30-year-old?

Listed below are 6 life facts you’re expected and supposed to have known before you turn 30 years of age:

#1. Comparison to others is failure

Why compare yourself to others? Who can be you better than yourself? You came into the world alone. Even twins came at different moments. That’s how unique you are.

Why compare your unique self with an entirely different person? Our paths could cross but we can’t walk the same path throughout our lifetime.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare your old self to your new self and also, to your aspiring self. That’s what makes you a success.

#2. “No” is not a bad word

In one of our previous posts “The power of No“, you’re made the judge of how to use the word no.

Go through the post and tell me No is a good word. Oh, you don’t agree? What do you say about a lady who said No to a guy she doesn’t want to be with? I guess you have your answer.

#3. You’re a student till you die

We have students, teachers, and lecturers but those are mere names! They are attributed to a particular discipline.

Now the obvious question, what about other disciplines? A professor of chemistry becomes a student when he inquires about advanced mathematics.

Now forget discipline, is there a professor of life? No one is. We’ll all keep learning till the day we die.

#4. Failure is a form of success

It sounds awkward! Yes, I know. “We learn from failure, not from success”–Bram Stoker.

Often times we waste time celebrating success when we ought to proceed in life. A success attained is already out of the way. “What’s next?” should be the question we ask ourselves.

The little hiccups or failures we experience along our journey in life is what we learn from. It’s how we can tell people what to stay away from.

And that’s what makes us who we are today. Don’t perceive failure as one, rather, perceive it as a learning opportunity–Success.

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#5. There’s someone out there with a worse situation compared to yours

Scenario 1

My mother is a drug addict and my father is a drunkard. I don’t get to see them often. I only call them when I need cash. We even hardly talk! I wish I had a better family.

Scenario 2

My mother died the day I was born and my father died in an accident on the way home from the hospital that same day. I was raised in a foster home, sent to school and catered for. I wish I had a family.

Trust me when I tell you, no matter how worse your situation is, there’s a worst situation out there. Scenario 1 wishes for a better family whereas Scenario 2 wishes for a family.

You know what? Ditch your problems , get on with life and keep your head up!

#6. Money can’t cater for your most important problems

A problem is a characteristic of life. Facing challenges is normal and so is to surmount them. But money can’t solve every problem. This is one of the facts that can’t be overlooked.

If you’re highly rich and your money can’t solve a problem you have, then the problem becomes your most important problem.

Examples of problems money can’t solve are health, addictions, and sadness.

To succeed in life, accept these facts before the age of 30 else they’d dawn on you.



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