8 Facts You Must Embrace to Facilitate Success

To be able to read or write, do you know what trouble you went through? If you’ve forgotten, imagine yourself learning a new language. That trouble and ardor are what those people you see, who have achieved one thing or the other passed through before being admired and adored–success.

When you see scholars and inventors deliver lectures, you often wish to be able to do that as well. That’s right, especially if you wish to make such beneficial impact those scholars are making. But you’ll realize that to get to that stage involves a dedication that you can’t even imagine.

A dedication that involves you branching to other areas that are far from your primary target. For example, when you wish to travel to the moon, you’ll realize that apart from studying geography, you’ll also need to learn physics and perhaps, electronics.

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Imagining yourself as a philanthropist and billionaire seems easy. However, they were neither born that way nor achieved it overnight. Although, there are false achievers — people that falsely proclaim that  they are this and that. Such people are not and should not be our target. Here, we’re talking about real scholars and achievers. Just so you know, being a false achiever also entails hard work but you want to be real, isn’t it? And that is possible.

8 bitter but inescapable truths about success

Success involves pain and hard work. But embracing this fact can be advantageous. In fact, there are lessons to learn, which will also facilitate your success:

1. Success entails hard work and perseverance: You need to work hard, burn candles, persevere, and jump hurdles to become successful.

2. You mustn’t get despaired: Imagine what would happen if those people who are successful today got despaired. Would they have been who they are today? Do not get dampened by the myriads of problems you may face on your journey to success.

3. You will get there someday: Yes, someday because it is not definite. Though, goals should be time definite to keep you upright and focused. But no matter the target you set, you still gotta keep on. That time limit is only a propeller, you have to keep your heads up till you achieve your goal.

4. You will forget all the troubles you went through: Just as you might have forgotten what you went through to be able to read and write. So also, you will nearly forget what you will come across on your journey to becoming successful. Even if you remember, you will do so merrily.

5. You mustn’t get lost in the mid-way: When you begin to study or make money, you may be deluded into thinking that you have arrived and so stop furthering your knowledge or business. This should not be so. Your scholarly piece winning awards is just a sign that your work is improving. Keep on forging ahead as there are still many things to learn and do. There also are still several bridges to cross before you get to the promised land. In fact, wave away accolades and praises from people as they may deceive you and make you get complacent.

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6. You mustn’t get lost in dreams: It is good to dream of becoming a forerunner in your field. But don’t be absorbed by perfect thoughts that you abandon the reality. It’s easy to live in dreams but success is attained in reality.

7. You must keep on working: Even when you’re successful, keep working and studying. Let your motto be “work continues”.

8. You shouldn’t be deceived by other people’s achievements: Successful people may be your mentors or peers. However, you must not be deceived by their present adorable state. Stay focused and work according to your ability and pace.



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