A million dollar idea

“The world is filled with numerous “million dollar ideas” but the world lack seasoned entrepreneurs”

Product unleash is an exciting proposition, especially when you are loaded with ideas. But efficaciously introducing your product to buyers willing to pay requires lots of resources.

Depending on the intricacy of the product, it might take months or even years to penetrate the market.

Han-Gwon Lung said:

“Starting a business is like building a boat from scratch and setting sail. Unless you build boats for a living, expect things to go wrong very quickly”

“Would-be” entrepreneurs only have experience in open water. They know how to sail, navigate and survive at sea. They’re mere sailors, who don’t have the skills to build their ship.

Do not make decision on the whim, to materialize your idea because you are experiencing some difficulty. Look around. Then, learn from the best minds in your area of interest.

In other words, have a good understanding of how to start a business, grow it and maintain it.

In Nigeria, research indicates that three of four small and medium enterprises die yearly and nine of ten prospective entrepreneurs are discouraged from establishing their dream industries. That’s not a treat for a start-ups, it’s a challenge that needs to be surmounted.

The time wasted, searching endlessly for shortcuts to meet your ideas, success and contentment never ceases to amaze me, when the only path is the crude and usual one.

An entrepreneur who shoots well from the onset, keeps the good work going, and never relents, produces satisfactory services for his/her customers.

Uneasy lays the head that wears the crown. It’s a lot of sacrifice. That’s life. Prize comes only after the price has been paid.

There’s just one catch, start somewhere. Then, that million dollar idea would keep your income increasing, progressively.

Give it your best and the rest will be history




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