Academic pursuit and Entrepreneurship, Friends or Foes?

Check these out:

Bill Gates: Net worth $77.3 billion – Richest man in the world – No degree

Mark Zuckerberg: Net worth $48.2 billion – 6th richest man in the world – No degree

Aliko Dangote: Net worth $18 billion – Richest man in Africa – Bachelor’s degree

Steve Jobs (late): Net worth $10.2 billion (before his death) – 110th richest man in the world (before death) – No degree

Noticed anything? Let’s unravel it:

  • Most of the above-listed billionaires are dropouts
  • The graduates among them didn’t go beyond first degree

At this juncture, a question emerges.

Where are the graduates?

I am not against academic excellence pursuit. In fact, the benefits and privileges abounds.

Nevertheless, you need wise up.

You wish to profitably utilize your skills by setting up a business.

But you think B.Sc. is a hindrance. You think you’d never thrive. Yet you dream big and high.

You wake up worrying about what to eat. Survival appears brittle and hard. You hope for a ‘mouth-gaping’ credit alert from your bank, though you know so well it wouldn’t happen.

Wake up from your slumber. Live in the real world. Set free the sweet ideas bumping in your head and forego the school limitation.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates), said:

“We in the U.A.E have no such word as ‘impossible’; it does not exist in our lexicon. Such a word is used by the lazy and the weak, who fear challenges and progress.”

Yes! Challenge yourself and believe you can make it, even while studying. You are not weak, hence, do not portray weakness.

Nigeria unemployment statistics shows an increase to 10.40% in 2015 making a number of 8 million unemployed persons. You hear this often, yet you obstruct your start-up.

Who assures you a job after graduation? And what convinces you, if you eventually get one, it’d satisfy your needs?

That business idea you have may be the big bang. Perhaps, it’s what you’d feed on after school.

However, you need not start-off on your own. Start with a part-time job. Starting as a messenger doesn’t evade you success in life. Whatever stipend you earn will prevent you from unnecessary high blood pressure.

Plan your time. Schedule your daily activities. Don’t waste a microsecond. It may be hard at first. But I bet it’d make you strong.

Look around you, what do your fellows need? Then, monetize it by rendering the good and/or service.

Break out of that bondage now! Don’t be limited to schooling. You lack financial freedom. Perhaps, it’s the long sought antidote to your academic boom.

Rise and race today, because academic pursuit and entrepreneurship are what you make them – either friends or foes!

Should academic pursuit limit your financial freedom? Share your thoughts.




  1. No, it shouldn’t. But I think managing both is not gonna be an easy task. As you ve said, challenge is the key

  2. I have various kinds of education. I feel I do better on my own but just when I’m getting somewhere people see I’m resourceful and get in my way. Or trip me up completely. How can you outmanipulate a group of people who undermine you? I’ve had many setbacks by con artists. I feel managing relationships is more important than your position.
    Gates and Buffett play bridge. How do you protect your ideas?

    • Barbara,
      Firstly, confirm you’re undermined. Perhaps you’re experiencing emotional warfare. Then, identify their motive, manage them, and be upfront. To protect your idea: avoid revealing too much unnecessarily, use non-disclosure agreement, research your recipient, file for patents and trademarks, and build working relationship with your competitors.


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