3 Simple Ways to Get Awesome Business Ideas

Awesome business ideas are the bedrocks of every successful business, they are more important than the team or capital required. While most people regard capital as the most important aspect of starting a business, picture this…

What happens to your capital when you as a business person fail to identify what to do with it? That capital is apparently rendered useless. This is the power of having awesome business ideas.

Ideas are important to your business life. Without an idea, there is nothing to execute. There are tons of ways to get startup capital or employee. But ideas will forever be unique because they are special.

As important as a good idea is to business, it is uneasy to come by. This owes to its uniqueness and novelty. You don’t want to do the same old thing; you want to be different.

Also, you want a value for your capital. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on a vague idea. To get this especially important business pillar, here are 3 tips:

1. Travel

By traveling, your business life will be inspired through seeing new things, experiencing a different culture, meeting new people, encountering unexplored resources, and so on.

Meeting new people will equip you with the knowledge of the needs and lacks of the people, and by conversing with them, you’d know much more about their environment.

Seeing beautiful sights such as green leaves, red lands, mountains, and rivers will also trigger your business initiative by posing questions to your mind. Here are questions you could ask yourself: can the river you see be dredged? Can it be made into a source of irrigation for farming? Can it be used for fishery?

Moreover, traveling to a place with a different culture could up your ante by making you compare what’s common in the culture with what’s obtainable in your own culture. With this, you could sell what’s obtainable in your place in the new place as people appreciate seeing new things.

You can also harness an undeveloped location you visited by bringing in developmental projects into it. There are places which are still devoid of communication devices, most especially in developing countries, e.g. Nigeria; you would develop your business by taking advantage of this and more.

2. Move with business people

Great minds think alike, they say; so, try to interact with entrepreneurs and get into the business community. Learn from the achievements, downfalls, and mistakes of business owners.

In order to harness this method for triggering awesome business ideas, let your sole purpose be to learn from the business experts. Thus, the best type of business model to move with are those who have made it big. You could, moreover, connect with aspiring business personnel whom you are sure are serious. You might even get the chance to collaborate with business minds from there.

To hook up with business personalities, you can use the physical (that is face-to-face interaction) or online means. Explore whatever is best for you.

At times, getting a face-to-face conversation with people could be tasking as they might be busy; so, harness the online means. Online interaction many times will afford entrepreneurs to attend to you at their convenient times.

3. Reflect on your environment

Ideate your business life by reflecting on happenings around you. Here are some situations that could trigger awesome business ideas through reflection…

A. The migration of people into your environment:

When you take a critical look at your environment, you might discover that new people are migrating to your place. Explore this discovery by finding out about the migrants’ choice of house. After doing this, then meet with real estate experts and intimate them to collaborate with you by building new houses.

B. The infrastructural malady of your environment:

An example of an infrastructural ideation to explore is by noting the power supply of your environment. You could explore this uncovering by setting up a business where people could get cold drinks.

Of course, you know you would have to get a power generator for this. Also, you could study the need for business outlets. People, perhaps, might be selling on the streets and on roads; therefore, go ahead to ease this malady by building shops.

C. The norms and values of your environment:

A great market strategy that would also arise from reflection is through studying the age bracket as well as the norm and values of the people in your area. Thus, you can then tailor your business to meeting the needs of those kinds of people you had studied.

Another idea you could get from this study is by reflecting on the schools in your environment (most especially for rural places). The schools might have the need for cleaners. So, go ahead then to find an assemblage of people who are interested in part-time jobs.

You can, afterward, meet the schools and intimate them of your interest to clean their place every week. Distribute the assembly of people in your custody and pay them by the fees you collect from your service to the schools.

Conclusion on Simple Ways to Get Awesome Business Ideas

So, when next you travel, do not forget to utilize the experience for your business. Also, hook up with your business counterpart as you might learn things from them. Your reflection on your environment could also be the needed motivation to your business life.

Wouldn’t you rather start now? What other ways do you think awesome business ideas can be gotten?


  1. Thank you for sharing these great points. It really is important to always enhance your mind through learning new things and experiencing them when you want to grow your business. Awesome read. Cheers!


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