The Biggest Lie Startup Founders Tell Themselves

As a once startup founder who has hands-on experience, I have unintentionally told myself some lies. Some of these lies adversely affected my output while I was lucky to scale through unaffected by others. This is the same for most startup founders.

We aim high and our resilience strengthens our hearts and keeps us going against all odds. I must achieve this, we say.

However, if you don’t get out of your dreaming phase timely, these lies can be disastrous to your startup. So what’s the biggest lie startup founders tell themselves?

Before we get on with that, here are a few other lies startup founders tell themselves:

1. I can do it myself

You need help. In fact, you need all the help you can get.

Recently, I posted something related to this on Facebook and someone commented: “most people are not willing to help”. Then I responded: “to know if they’re willing or not, you gotta ask, right?”

Feel free to ask for help. It doesn’t hurt to need help. It’s simply human.

2. My idea is the best idea in the world

Your idea is awesome and worth investing on. But that’s strictly your thought. After getting rejected by several investors, you kept trying to get another. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit.

However, you sometimes need to ask neutral persons whether your idea is worth the market or not. This will help you further decide whether you’re simply obsessed with the idea or it’s truly a great one.

Don’t spend too much time trying to bring a wrong idea to life. And there’s never the best idea as another idea will overtake it very soon even if it was. Either way, it’s good to pursue your dream at all cost.

3. Imagining the impossible

Startup Founders have rational and unrealistic dreams. They dream beyond the impossible and when it’s time for action, they get lost in thoughts.

I will colonize Mars and move my family there. It’s a good dream but are you not wasting your time? You must check yourself often. Be sure you’re not loosing your time in search of unrealistic dreams.

4. With this fund, my company will be successful

Capital is vital to startup founders. Perhaps without it, you don’t even have a startup to run. However, capital is only one in tens of resources you must put in place to run your company.

You need a good team, great idea, nice minimum viable product (MVP), solid marketing plan, good distribution network, etc.

Most failed startup believe too much in the figures that they neglected other important resources.

5. It’ll get easier

It may become less difficult but never easier. You may become better at discharging your responsibilities, you only got used to it. That doesn’t mean it got easier.

You learn day by day and this establishes you as an expert in your field over time. Your product may become great, your team may be awesome, you may become financially buoyant, but it won’t get any easier.

The biggest lie startup founders tell themselves

I deserve to be successful. Startup Founders often tell themselves this lie and you know what? It’s the biggest lie they tell themselves.

You’re just like everyone else. Why do you deserve to be successful and others don’t? Why do you deserve an edge over others? You know what? You don’t deserve anything other than what you have worked for.

This is the world of “get what you worked for”. You must be willing to do the extraordinary. You must work your lazy ass off to achieve success.

More importantly, you must always work hard to keep up. Some are of the opinion that you must work harder to retain your success. If you’ve become a multinational company, you must keep working hard to outgrow your competition.

See Facebook for example. She’s a successful social media platform and she’s working hard to keep it so. How? By trying to buy off the competition. Instagram? Acquired! Whatsapp? Acquired! … and the list goes on and on.

At any stage your startup is, do not forget that you don’t deserve more than you’ve worked for. There are several startup founders and you’re just like everyone of them. You must strive to make your make.

You must kill and take home your hunt to eat them. If you kill without taking home, there’s nothing to eat. To all startup founders out there, I salute your courage. Keep up the great work and never relent.



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