Business 101: Why Courage & Perseverance Make Successful Entrepreneurs

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, courage and perseverance go hand-in-hand. In order to be a great leader, however, you must first be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. What does that mean? It means aside from all the hard work, great ideas, and talent you demonstrate, you must be willing to take chances — even if you aren’t comfortable with it.

There are a number of business owners out there in the world who think being a great leader means showing self-confidence and strong work ethics — and while that might be true for some entrepreneurs, it’s not always the case. Being a leader in the business industry means different things to different people. Some people, for example, might say true leaders are the ones who advance forward despite their lack of confidence, and they’re right. On the other hand, true leaders also let their teams know that they’re fearful of the unknown and don’t always have the answers to everything, and those people are also right.

Having courage is just the beginning though. At a fundamental level, entrepreneurs need to have a clear understanding of their goal and continuously overcome adversity. They also need to be able to pursue business opportunities with limited resources and remember not to overlook things — like time, employees, and their health. For many entrepreneurs, the first year can be the most challenging simply because there are so many things that need to be done. So, for people who’ve ever wondered “What could my career as an entrepreneur look like?” or for those who’ve already taken the leap, here are some things to consider moving forward:

Why Being Courageous Matters

According to Rutgers University, the United States of America is a country founded on entrepreneurial principles and innovative ideas. So if you’re afraid of the unknown, just know that early American entrepreneurs like Ben Franklin were too. Which make sense, right? Especially if you’re sacrificing your life savings to start a business that might not work. Although creating a business today is much easier than it was 50 years ago, foregoing a steady paycheck and investing everything in a company can still be scary. But fear can also be used a motivator in this case.

With courage, comes fear. So as you build up the courage to take chances and risk it all, fear simply becomes another obstacle you have to hurdle over. Remember, great leaders have to sometimes take risks that can ruin their business reputation in order to help the company move forward. Even if the goal seems impossible or far-fetched, their vision has to spur them forward when they themselves aren’t sure how things will go. Doing this takes courage, and lots of it. Sometimes things might feel impossible, but as long as you’re willing to take chances and be courageous, your business will thrive.

How Perseverance Helps

No matter how many business plans you come up with, there will always be a curveball thrown at you — whether you’re a startup company or an established one. You may get one that can turn your business upside down in a matter of hours. The reality is, however, setbacks happen to everyone, especially in the business industry. This is what makes perseverance so important. Hardship is something no entrepreneur can avoid, but having the ability to move forward after a setback is essential in the business industry.

If, for example, you allow every bump along the way derail you from the task at hand, then you’ll never achieve your goals. This is something great leaders know and must live with every day — even if things seem impossible. Success for an organization never comes easy, which is why it’s important for you to stay connected to your core values. Rather than viewing barriers and setbacks as challenges, view them as opportunities. Opportunities for you to learn something new, and opportunities for you to educate others. Failure (and the way you respond to it), is also an important aspect throughout this journey. This is what allows you to rethink your steps that could potentially lead to something greater.

So, how does perseverance help? It helps by giving you the motivation you need to continue fighting for your company. Sometimes a company’s greatest accomplishment isn’t what they offer, it’s who’s offering it. In the business industry, no one is going to hand you a destiny, you have to get up everyday and create it.

What Makes Courage & Perseverance Go Hand in Hand?

The answer’s simple: commitment. In other words, a commitment to an organization requires entrepreneurs to demonstrate both courage and perseverance. Let’s say you’re trying to grow an inventory-based subscription business, for instance, and you’ve invested everything in this company. Would you just walk away from it if things got hard? Hopefully the answer is “no.”

Instead, you’ll stick it out and exhaust as many possibilities as you can — perseverance. The next step is showing others that you’re willing to take risks and move forward despite the uncertainty surrounding your idea — courage. When you show that you’re committed to something and are not afraid to take chances, you will earn the respect of others. In return, they too will be eager to follow in your footsteps and invest in the company.



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