How to Calculate Your Apps’ Potential Market Size

Entrepreneurs are always searching for new and unique app development ideas. Creating and designing an app might seem like the hard part of the entire complex process, but the fact that is overlooked most of the times is estimating the market size of the app before launching it to the world.

Evaluating the potential of the technology and its targeted audience is paramount in setting the prosperous future of any start-up. Estimating the market size of your app helps in distinguishing between the addressable market, the highest possible revenue that your app might generate, and the available market.

The available market is that realistic portion of the addressable market through which your app actually penetrates. Knowing about the potential revenue that you might collect and its probability of success is a highly important step, and if missed, might endanger your business’ life.

Necessity of Estimating Market Size before Launching the App

To build a successful business, you must evaluate the market you are entering, your target customers, and the revenue generation potential of the app. Without having the knowledge to manage and maintain your app according to market conditions, the probability of your apps’ success becomes little to nothing. Market sizes help you to understand the latest market trends and predict the future’s success rate of your product.

It also assists you in creating new and unique marketing techniques so as to survive in this highly competitive environment. A mobile app developer should maintain a proper tune with the market and the potential consumers that he is targeting. If you want people to download this app, then obviously your app needs to provide the exact service that your user base is searching for.

How to Estimate the Market Size for Your App

To estimate the full potential of your app, you need to keep these crucial points in your mind:

➢    Think hard and think critically if your idea has actual potential to be a success in the market that is already flooded with the huge varieties of mobile apps. Is your app something that people might need and will get addicted to?

In today’s technologically evolved world, will your app be new and different enough to garner the attention of the crowd?

Creating and designing a mobile app takes a lot of time, money, and hard work. Therefore, before launching it to the world, make sure it is worthy of all the resources you spent on for making it perfect.

➢    Many major search engines provide information on the current trends that are circulating in the global market. You can research the amount of popularity for the keywords related to your business and can grapple a quality, preliminary estimation of your apps’ future success.

Make sure that your potential market in the targeted goods is trending upwards and contains no possibility of getting dissolved in the future. These measures help in strengthening the possibility of the success of your app.

➢    Identifying the needs of your target audiences helps you create the technology that they require. You need to create an app that will make the lives of your potential clients easier. Figure out the audience that is more liable to download your app and work on making it more functional and efficient for them.

Identifying the correct and most probable audience for your app is crucial, and should be well-researched and contemplated.

➢    Using ad technology on various social media can assist in generating a crowd of targeted customers for your app. They help you determine the age, gender, and preferences of your potential customer and show you a rough estimate that your product might reach, in case, it is correctly optimized.

➢    If the services your app provides is already available on the market, you need to provide some new and unique, in order to make your product distinguishable. Therefore, competitor analysis here becomes an important part of the process of creating and launching your app to the world.

➢    After making sure that your idea is valuable in real life, with profitable returns and a decent customer base, you need to evaluate the worth of your customers. Your customer’s worth, in technical terms, is called as Customer Lifetime Value forms a matter of great concern here.

You must provide unique and fresh concepts and an excellent customer service so as to keep the aforementioned value elevated, in order to increase your overall revenue structures.

Wrap Up:

Keeping your customers’ preferences on the top of your mind while building your app is crucial to any successful business. Be it a gaming app, or an e-commerce app, or even just a lifestyle solution, you need to research and properly envisage the user’s predilections and use it to pave your way to success.

Come up with a great idea and make sure that this technologically advanced world needs your app, research and determine the success levels of your app, and then let the world to admire it.



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