Career Options for Stay at Home Parents

Parenthood and a career are two things that, traditionally, have not seemed to meld together. However, in the modern day this is becoming less and less the case. More people are able to juggle the two strings of life quite successfully by making money from home, thanks to a little thing called the internet.

A home working job allows for parenting, making money and all of the other important things you need to get done at home. The flexibility alone is one reason that many parents are opting for this ahead of a more traditional 9 to 5 career.

So, what career options are open to the modern parent who wants to earn as they stay at home?


There are plenty of opportunities for children and adults alike to learn virtually in the modern day. One of them could be from you if you have a knack for helping others to learn or an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. The good thing about tutoring is the fact that lots of subjects are open to this, so you could end up tutoring in some very niche subjects.

Shop Owner

Okay, so this can be done both at home and on premises. How? Well, the rise of the online shop has, in recent years, made selling products a much simpler affair. Meaning you only have to own a website rather than a full blown brick and mortar stone, in most cases.

This career path may need an initial investment; particularly, in buying a website, initial stock and putting money into marketing. However, the gains made can be great if then done right.

Tech Support

Have you ever noticed that calling for tech support is often a long-winded and not always helpful event? Well, you could change that by being one of the people at the end of the telephone line instead. All you need is a good knowledge of computers, to a standard that you can help someone to solve some of the more common issues that they might be facing.


As a stay at home mom, you are already aware of what it takes to look after a child. So, why not use this to make some money? Rather than just looking after your own child or children, why not offer to look after the children of family and friends? Not only do you get money from this arrangement, but they will have the benefit of childcare at a much lower rate than what a nursery would pay.

For more money, however, you may have to look into more career-focused options like working with a private foster agency. This does not necessarily mean taking a child into your home full time – especially if you don’t have the capacity for this – it could only mean offering respite weekends. Offering a child a place to stay when they need a break from a hectic home life, etc.

Virtual Assistant

This is a job with a lot of potential, simply because the title offers lots of room for interpretation. One day you could be making appointments for someone, while the next you could be typing up meeting notes. It all depends on what your clients might need in order to support their business.

A virtual assistant is often a good compromise for a company that cannot justify a permanent employee. So, you will be tasked with things that need doing around the office, but perhaps not frequently enough to warrant another member of staff. You become the virtual extra body instead.

At the end of the day, the modern world is becoming much more accommodating for those people who choose to work from home. You may even find that companies are advertising a traditional job, but allowing for the work to be done remotely. Whatever the work from home solution that you find, it can open up a world of flexibility and the added bonus of more income as you look after your children.



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