Crafting a Company: 5 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

Starting a company is easy, and you could do it in an afternoon. The challenge lies in starting a successful company. You need to come up with the idea, and your product or service needs to be good enough to convince people to part with their hard-earned money.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be filling a variety of roles, some of which you won’t have much experience in. Although being an entrepreneur is tough, you’ll have better luck crafting companies when you follow these five tips:

Focus on the Needs of Your Potential Customers

A common problem among entrepreneurs is that they focus only on what they want to do and miss out on the most important part of the equation—what the customer needs. The most successful products and services aren’t the ones designed to make a buck. They’re the ones that fulfill a glaring need a specific market of people had.

Look at rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, as an example. They saw that people wanted a better transportation option than a taxi, and they built platforms to offer that.

Niche Down

When you’re starting out, you need to have a narrow niche that your company serves. This allows you to focus on a very specific target market and limits your competition to other companies in your niche. If you try to sell it all, you’ll lose to Amazon and Walmart every time.

Remember that just because you’re niching down now doesn’t mean that will remain your company’s niche forever. Amazon is an e-commerce giant now, but when it started, its focus was on books.

Follow the Example of Successful Companies

There’s a saying that good artists copy and great artists steal, and even though art and business may be completely different, the saying holds true in the business world. There’s a lot you can learn from companies that have already succeeded in your industry. For example, if your focus is on dietary supplements, you could see how NuSkin and similar companies found success.

What separates the good from the great is how they use those examples they find. A good entrepreneur will copy a business’s model and hope to replicate its success, whereas a great entrepreneur will put their own spin on the model, making it uniquely their own.

Expect Higher Costs and Lower Revenues

You’ll need to put together a business plan before you launch your company, and when you do, you’ll estimate the costs of operating the company and how much it will make. These are areas where entrepreneurs tend to get overly optimistic, making it smart to stay on the conservative side. Lower those revenue expectations and raise your expected costs, and then consider it a pleasant surprise if you’re wrong.

Go after Sales from the Beginning

A company can’t survive without making money, which means sales should be your priority from the beginning. Many entrepreneurs instead focus the bulk of their attention on getting everything just right regarding their brand, assuming they’ll focus on sales later.

You can develop your brand as you develop the company, but you should have a sales focus from the get-go. Prepare your sales funnel and monitor analytics to see how it’s performing. Without sales, it won’t matter how great your brand is.

Building a company is an exciting journey that could change your life. Get started on the right foot so that any company you create has a solid foundation for future success.



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