Creative Ways to Make Money This Fall

Debt’s a downer. Savings accounts are a life-saver. Extra spending money rocks.

Money makes the world go ‘round, and most of us are always looking for ways to earn extra bucks. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to do so, especially if your entrepreneurial self-seeks side gigs.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few practical (and some wacky) ways to earn some extra cash this fall season:

Haunted Houses

My neighbors have a big, spooky house and an RV sitting in their driveway that they have not yet put away for the season. Don’t you see the money-making opportunity here? They should transform that RV into a mini haunted house and then invite people into their big house for a Halloween grand finale.

You’d have to figure out how much to charge for admission ($5-$15) to the spooktacular experience, estimate attendance for the month of October, and subtract how much you spent to set it up. Hey, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s entertaining and fun at the very least. The kids would love it.

Fall Festivals

Community summer events get all the attention for having lots to do, but fall is full of fun events too. Vendors and shoppers alike flock to things like Octoberfest, renaissance fairs, and Halloween. Fall festivals are a great opportunity to sell homemade crafts, snacks, costumes and produce. Use your special skills as a pumpkin grower or fall foliage crown-making queen to get your talents in front of the public, plus make extra cash in the process. Many savvy vendors make good money selling their wares.

Doggie Duties

People need dog sitters year-round, and fall is no exception. In fact, fall may be the last chance to go on a getaway before the snow flies. If you love dogs and have the space to accommodate a four-legged friend in your home, you could sign up to be a Rover sitter. is a pet sitting service that offers dog walking, overnight stays, and daycare. After you create an amazing Rover profile online, dog owners will contact you for your services.

You could potentially earn $1,000 or more a month depending on how many dogs you want to care for during that time. Rover takes a cut of your profits, but they are sending business your way — business you may never otherwise get. You set your own fees, which need to be competitively priced; otherwise, you may be passed over for a Rover sitter who is slightly more affordable.

Halloween Costumes

Not everyone is a DIYer, so if selling your homemade goods isn’t your thing, there’s still money to be made on Halloween stuff. People actually buy Halloween costumes after the holiday is over when they are super cheap and resell them the following year at full or even double the price that they paid for them. Have you seen that Dr. Phil episode where a hoarder bought $1,000 worth of discounted Halloween costumes and stashed them in her garage with the intention of making big bucks on them? People do sell costumes year-round for a living. It’s a thing.

Scary Videos

Are you a video entrepreneur — aka a “vtrep”? A part-time money-making endeavor making videos could very well turn into a full-time gig. If you’re a pumpkin-carving master or a makeup genius, for example, you could upload your videos to platforms like YouTube, Metacafe, and Revver and get a small stipend for views. Everyone loves a funny, smart, creative, inspiring and cute video.

Try taking your side hustle to the next level this season and see where it leads you. Not only are you taking in a little supplemental income — you could be paving the way for a new life as an entrepreneur.



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