Engage your Employees: Be a Great Boss!

Revenue—the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur, business owner, and manager. Generating revenue is often synonymous with great leadership.

Here’s what I mean:  in a workplace where employees’ morale is high, they achieve more (i.e., they’re more productive). Increased productivity results in higher quality because everyone takes more pride in their contributions. Quality employee contributions yield efficiency in company processes, and finally, increased revenue follows. Easy, right?

It’s true that great leaders know how to guide their employees down every avenue of this revenue generation cycle. The problem is, not everyone is a natural-born leader. The good news is: you can learn to be a great leader!

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Here are some tips to get you started:

Motivate your Employee(s)

Nothing is more motivating than seeing someone else work. Roll up your sleeves and work alongside your employee(s) once in a while. Let them know that you’re with them, not above them. This will foster a better working relationship. You will quickly develop insight into each other’s strengths, which will help streamline future projects.   Congratulate them on a job well done. Applaud their efforts publicly and privately. Mention their accomplishments in a team meeting and in a private chat. This will breed a sense of loyalty between you and your employees. Let them know they’re appreciated. Buy them a cup of coffee, and thank them for their help. Remember, happy, loyal, appreciated staff are productive employees!

Set Goals for your Employee(s)

Set goals that will ensure that your team can under-promise and over deliver. In other words, set realistic expectations: don’t try to shoot for the Moon. Be clear about what is expected of each employee, and offer scheduled, goal-oriented feedback. Concrete expectations and anticipated assessments allow them to focus on the task at hand, leading to high-quality output.

Delegate Responsibility to your Employee(s)

Being the boss doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Teach your employees what you know. Start by delegating small tasks that can easily be corrected if necessary. If mistakes are made, take responsibility for them. Don’t dangle them over your employees like an albatross. Taking responsibility for their mistakes allows them to grow. Employees who don’t fear to make mistakes will feel more comfortable trying to improve—and they will! As you learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, delegate tasks that will empower them. Help them expand their skill set and cultivate their value to your company. Applaud their success: don’t take credit for it (You will succeed on your own merit as a leader who motivates employees and increases revenue).

Communicate with your Employee(s)

Implement an open-door policy. Let your employees know that you are always ready and willing to listen. This attitude toward employee concerns will lead to fewer mistakes. You don’t want them to be afraid to alert you of problems!

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Ask your employees for their input. Clarify what you’re hearing; make sure you’re on the same page. Learn from them. Let them learn from you. Clear communication increases your employee’s’ engagement level.

Be Fair to your Employee(s)

Treat your employees equally; try not to show favoritism. Treat them all well. If your employees are happy, their attitude will be reflected in loyalty to your company, kindness to each other, and kindness to your customers!



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