Why an Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Actually a Bad Thing

In this article, I am going to discuss entrepreneurship, but instead of discussing the benefits of it like other people, I am going to tell you the things which are wrong with the entrepreneurial mindset.

The trend of entrepreneurship has changed the entire scenario of business and economies of the countries. There are many benefits of the entrepreneurship and millions of people are earning their bread and butter through it. However, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

On one hand, where entrepreneurship is opening new doors of opportunities, it is also making the good employees drive away from the jobs in which they are the best. This is just one example of the dark sides of entrepreneurship. To find more about this, read the next lines of this article in which I am going to tell you some reasons of why an entrepreneurial mindset is actually a bad thing.

Have to work more than normal:

Setting up a business is not an easy task. You always aim big but have to start from the scratch. In the initial stages, you will have to work harder than the normal job that you do. You would have to stay in your office, in the nights or for the days working alone in liking the things.

You will not have anyone else to help you out if you are working alone on your startup or if you don’t have enough investment to hire employees.

You will miss a lot:

By working 24/7, you will be missing a lot of things happening around you. Your social life will almost be dead and you will also be missing a lot of your life events like marriage and birthday.

Life is short and by spending most of your time working on such thing which has a very slight chance of success, you will regret having this entrepreneurial mindset at one point of your life and why you wasted your life on it.

Stressful life:

If you are an employee of a company in which you only have to give your 9-hours per day and get the weekends off, then believe me that the amount of stress that you face in these 9-hours and five days a week is nothing as compared to the stress that an entrepreneur face.

Choosing entrepreneurship as your career will make your life intensively tough in which you cannot take any days off and will also have no schedule of working. You will always have to be dependent on your vendors and the investors and if any one of it would refuse to complete any commitment on which you have made the commitments, then the amount of stress which you will face is incomparable.

You will always on the call:

Because you are a one man army even if you have hired other people to do different jobs, you will always be on the call to make sure everything is working smoothly; even if you are in any social gathering. You will find your friends and families always complaining that you are using your cell phone more than you are interacting them.

No Guarantee of Success:

Even after working your heart out, there is still no guarantee of the success. You will always be wondering about the future of your startup. No matter how much motivated you are and how much positive you think, but all the decisions that you would be taking is by considering the chances of failure.

The entrepreneurial mindset always works by considering the profit and loss. That is why you will always be fearful about the debacle of your startup which will break the millions of dreams that you have built.

Conclusion on the Entrepreneurial Mindset

The effects of the failure of your startup in which you have invested your efforts and time will ruin all the other related things to you. This failure will not only make your social life abnormal, but also the failed entrepreneurs never become good employees.

That is why if you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and initiating a start-up, then you also have to consider the dark sides of the entrepreneurship.



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