Expectations and Reality

Expectations are our prospects of the future. They are how we imagine our life to be while Reality is what happens in the real world.

Is there any discrepancy between Expectations and Reality? That’s a question this piece answers.

Our expectations in life vary per person as a result of individual differences. What I perceive as success could be quite different from what you perceive as success.

According to a survey I conducted, below are the life expectations of 8 different people:

  • First person: To own a big secretarial services company
  • Second person: To own a fish processing company
  • Third person: To become a fulfilled and satisfied individual in whatsoever I set out to achieve in life
  • Fourth person: To become a billionaire
  • Fifth person: To fulfill God’s purpose
  • Sixth person: Next Michael Jackson
  • Seventh person: First female president of world bank
  • Eighth person: To  become Ndasmu (Indonesian) which means dynamic, bright, enterprising, communicative and outgoing. Check other meanings here

We all want our expectations to come to reality. Unfortunately, it’s just a dream.

I am not discouraging you, I am simply telling you the bitter truth. It’s a truth no one wants to tell, but it’s still the truth.

Am not saying some won’t achieve it but not everyone will, others would be successful in a different way.

Our expectations are usually over-hyped and most times, they’re never gonna happen. It’s not a curse, it’s just reality.

Meditate over your expectations. How realistic are these expectations ought to be a usual question you ask yourself.

Expect failures, this reminds you to put a failsafe in place.

Below is a few examples of expectations and reality:

  • A typical example occurred when we were in high school, I was a science student. One day, a teacher asked us what we wish to study in college. I can remember we all muttered 3 professions – doctor, nurse and engineer. But today only a few had their expectations and reality align, some didn’t even further to college. It’s not a failure, it’s just reality.
  • A typical parenting expectation and reality conflict occurs when parents expect all their children to become extraordinarily successful. They want the first born to study engineering, second to study banking and finance and third to study medicine and surgery. They become disappointed when one of them wants to study an entirely different course, it’s not a failure, it’s just reality.
  • A typical relationship expectation and reality conflict is to expect your partner to satisfy all your insatiable wants. You want a perfect partner. Trust me, you’re never gonna get one. You just have to make do with the next best available option.
  • This conflict also occurs in entrepreneurship. Most startups expect to start making profit the moment the startup is erected, but in reality, there’s more to it.

The more we understand the solid difference between both, the easier life would become.

Suicide is a result of people’s high expectations. The moment reality dawns on them, Gbam! They’re done!

Always remember what you want and work hard to achieve them, but remember you might not achieve them all, no matter how hard you try.

To succeed in life — Set your goals, work towards achieving them and consistently check if your expectations can come to reality.



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