Guerrilla Marketing

You’ve prepared so well, the plans and budgets are intact and you have peeps willing to work to earn you maximum profits. Yet you feel something is missing–marketing.

You know the plans and budget can’t get to the outside world without a means of advertisement–marketing, but you are incapacitated because the capital at hand won’t allow for an elaborate advertisement.

Have you searched rigorously for a cheaper means of getting across to the proposed consumers, but the ones you got aren’t good enough?

Do you feel helpless because your zeal for the business is fast disappearing?

You need not panic, for help is here. Ever heard of Guerrilla Marketing–GM?

It is defined by Jay Conrad Levinson as an advertising tactic that focuses on low-cost unconventional methods that yield maximum results.

It is practiced by developing businesses that have an already tight budget (gives no room for an expensive advertisement).

It is also for businesses that need some boost to enable business expansion and customers increment. It is more innovative and attention capturing than the conventional means.

Thus, you need to understand the power of the basic principles of marketing (a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or services).

The basic principles are:
1. TARGETING your market and
2. POSITIONING your products and/or services to be superior to the products and/or services of your competitors.

How do you practice GM?

Target your Customers
Concentrate your efforts on a specific target market. Focus on target customers and build loyalty among them. With that, you can always give them reasons to return. Sell the ideology alongside the product. You need to create more attention to the brand and not the product .This secures potential consumers for every product under your brand.

Be Unique
Choose your marketing style. You don’t have to follow a pattern of marketing. Different marketing styles should be used for a different product. Nevertheless, there must be a kind of linkage that tells customers, it is your brand.

Stage Captivating and Promotional Activities
This should be eye catching and attention creating. Choose the appropriate location and time, depending on the targeted customers. The promotional activity creates a blueprint and long lasting effect on people’s mind. It avoids excessive spend caused by several mini marketing activities.

However, for an effective GM strategy, you might want to answer these questions
1. Who are your customers? i.e. TARGET MARKET
2. Who are your competitors? i.e. TARGET COMPETITOR
3. Why should customers buy from you? i.e. BENEFIT ADVANTAGE
4. Why will you win? i.e. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

If the above questions are answered relevantly, then you are on the way to having a successful and effective GM.

What will you benefit from GM?

1. You save more
Most importantly, with guerrilla marketing, you get to save more. The methods involved require lesser budget compared to the conventional types of marketing.

2. You gain more customers
With GM, you get to increase your customers by making new ones. This could result from urging the old customers. For example, when you give a treat of ‘buy two, get one free’. It enhances patronage scale, thereby increasing customers, sales and invariably, profit.

3. You Create Some Connections With Other Businesses
Guerrilla marketing helps to make advantageous collaboration with other businesses. Put aside competition and think of ways to enhance both participants. You can come up with advantageous collaborations and implement your guerrilla marketing tactics to other business owners.



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