How to Avoid Critics at Work

Criticism is as old as man, and its core negative influence is depression.

It is an act of expressing disapproval of something or somebody and opinions about their faults or bad qualities.

An organization that is charmingly interested in her progress criticizes her workers to get the best out of them.

Criticism can be destructive or constructive. The former delivers a chronic and dangerous influence while the latter tends to yield positive outcomes.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have a defect that obliges them to disparage others – almost, at times, as though they are diagnosing an illness in need of eradication. It seems they’re living according to the famous quip by Mark Twain: Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.

History testifies to the fact that destructive criticism is an ironical enzyme that slows down the rate of work or reaction. The major influence of destructive criticism is depression – a state of mind that produces chronic and long term apathy or inability to visualize or experience a happy moment.

How do you deal with “destructive criticism” to avoid depression? Here are some tips for you:

  • Be Dutiful

Every commander wants his/ her command to be effected in no distant time. Do you remember how you felt when your youngster(s) disregarded your command?

Disappointed! Right?

Accept your legal and/or moral obligations and be willing to do them right, without complaint.

  • Be Reserved

Restrain your freedom in words and actions. Maintain a careful attention to the probable effects of an act, in order that failure or harm may be avoided. You need not ramble to impress people, though; you need not be washy either.

  • Be Optimistic

An employer is interested in that employee whose focus is the standardization of the organization, with brilliant ideas and implementation.

Take up this expectation, think outside the box and avoid saying never. Be optimistic even amidst adversity.

  • Be Timely

It takes a disciplined man to be time conscious. ‘To be disciplined’ is what is expected of you as a good employee. Be known for who you are.

  • Be an Exemplar

The most introverted individual may influence ten thousand people in his or her lifetime” which means, though, we are leading in some aspects. Nevertheless, in some other aspects, we are being led.

Act appropriately so that people would look up to you and never regret to have chosen to trail your blaze. “How influential are you?” is a question that ought to roam your thoughts often.

  • Dress Well

Reason with the maxim that says “The way you dress is the way you are addressed “. Try always, to be in accord with the established forms. Your cute and neat dressing accords you some respect.

  • Speak Well

Communication is an inevitable phenomenon. You can’t afford to boycott it. Improve your communication skill. Speak softly; harsh tone won’t do the magic.

It’s high time you avoided destructive critics which may cause you an inability to visualize a happy moment. The above tips are tested and trusted.



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