Why Your Ideas Don’t Make it to The Market (Even Though They Are Brilliant Ones)

Often times, while going about your day-to-day activities, ideas pop up in your head. You’d think it out and perfectly draw an outline of how they should be in your brain.

But alas, those thoughts don’t make it to the market. Ever wonder why?

While walking along the road, a blockbuster thought came. You think it’d improve your business or life if actualized.

A moment later, you were in bed, and a unique thought hits your head. “This is what my business needs“, you say. Then, you slept off.

You know what?

All those ideas will always come, go, and end up dead. Why? Because you’re only thinking of them. You’re not doing these two things:

  1. You’re not writing them down
  2. You’re not implementing them

Why Your Ideas Don't Make it to The Market (Even Though They Are Brilliant Ones)

Why you should write down your ideas

Ideas that you think about are in your head. They will never see the day’s light without pulling them free.

You may think about a thousand concepts at a time, but all will amount to zero without an effort to scribble them down.

Brilliant ideas come up when you least expect and they don’t remain in your thoughts forever.

Besides, ideas are valuables. You must keep track of them as you keep track of your valuables. Hence, the need to write them down.

Writing down your thoughts forces you to define your goal and helps you ditch any idea that is out of line.

It also frees up your mind and aids implementation.

A step-by-step guide to writing down your ideas

  1. Always carry a personal journal for everyday use — pen, note, or your digital device.
  2. Write down any idea that comes to your mind. Never procrastinate.
  3. Classify your ideas based on long term and short term.
  4. Make a research on those concepts and add them to your journal.
  5. Attach a goal and possible challenge to each idea.
  6. Access your short term ideas weekly.
  7. Access your long term ideas and plan on the best approach to implementing them.

Step by step guide to writing down your ideas

Why you should implement your ideas

Just writing down your thoughts is not enough. Words can last for a hundred years in a journal without adding any meaning to your life or business. After all, that’s what they are…just words.

The elixir to not wasting those words is to implement them asynchronously. Failing to implement your written thoughts is more like not thinking of them at all.

Ideas are powerful. Joseph Stalin quoted “Ideas are more powerful than you. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?” I can’t agree less.

Why Your Ideas Don't Make it to The Market (Even Though They Are Brilliant Ones)Ideas are like a stagnant water. When extracted, they can be used for various things. And when it is left, it’ll be of no use and perhaps, dry up.

That’s why Ambedkar also said “Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise, both will wither and die.”

A step-by-step guide to implementing your ideas

  1. Pick an idea — from your list — to implement.
  2. Scrutinize every aspect of the idea. Remember it’s an idea and can be altered to fit your purpose.
  3. Request for opinions from people who understand the market and proposed end users.
  4. React to the opinions in number 3. This includes adjusting the product feature, strategy, or business plan.
  5. Gather the team required for implementation.
  6. Create a Minimum Viable Product — A product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.
  7. Take your MVP on a market test drive to understand how it does in the market.
  8. Fix any noticeable error or rely on the feedback from customers and end users.
  9. Create a viable business plan and marketing strategy.
  10. Source for capital to fund your idea or pitch investors.

Why Your Ideas Don’t Make it to The Market (Even Though They Are Brilliant Ones)


Remember, other concepts may come from friend, families, and associates. Weigh them and think on them. More importantly, write them down and implement them as and when due.

Promise yourself today, that those thoughts that continually flow in your head will not go as they came. Maybe that idea is the long-sought breakthrough your business needs. So, never waste them any longer!

Why else didn’t your brilliant idea make it to the market? Share in comments.


  1. splendid article here.

    I use to wonder why so many talented folks end up broke and poor, Now I see it’s Not because they don’t have ideas.

    Sure they have them

    The problem:

    They don’t implement them and That’s a shame.

    I love this post and every one needs to study every Bit of it. because it holds true the reality of success in action.

    Thanks man, keep it up

  2. Nice post,
    Keep jotting down your ideas consistently and methodically and your ideas stand more chance of becoming a reality, one thing i noticed is that a lot of people find it more convenient writing down their ideas on their smartphones, perhaps because one walks around with it at all times, but ideas are too precious to be left on the phone, as it is more likely to be destroyed with just a few clicks.
    A notebook or a jotter on the other hand can be quite promising & at least they smell nice 😉
    Keep your ideas safe and keep noturing them.

    • Thanks Muhammad.

      I, to a large extent, agree with you. What you cherish should be well kept and protected; so the reason to write your ideas on paper. However, some people still find it convenient to note down their points on their phones, while some people prefer both paper and phones. Whichever one, the most important is to be serious with your ideas.


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