Tips for Increasing Sales by Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Nowadays, there are plenty of various e-commerce stores operating in the market. Online consumers choose businesses whose offers suit them the best. Various stores have different promotions, campaigns, offers and benefits for customers to choose from. But, all e-commerce stores experience shopping cart abandonment. According to the latest statistics, the average shopping cart abandonment rate has reached 75.6% for e-commerce stores.
That said, consumers often find issues with the checkout process. E-commerce business owners must tend to those issues to improve their conversion rates anzd increase sales. After all, your customers expect a seamless experience not just while browsing your website, but also when they’re ready to buy. Thus, here are a few tips for increasing your sales by reducing the shopping cart abandonment.

Eliminate bad surprises

As mentioned before, when customers browse your website for various products, they’ll be ready to buy. They expect the checkout process to be as seamless as the rest of their browsing experience. That’s why it’s imperative that you drop any unpleasant surprises on your checkout page. Consumers abandon their carts during the checkout process as a result of an unexpected cost they weren’t aware of.
In fact, 56% of abandoned carts happen because customers came across unexpected costs during the checkout phase. This is a deal breaker for online consumers. If there are extra costs involved, make sure that your customers know about them as soon as possible. That way, they won’t have any inconveniences when they’re ready to buy.

Offer various payment options

Online consumers generally prefer e-commerce businesses that provide them with many payment options. They expect to pay in a manner that suits them best, rather than having to opt for a single payment option. 8% of consumers will immediately abandon their shopping cart if there aren’t enough payment options available.
To avoid those issues, ensure that you provide consumers with many options. These include credit cards, debit cards, invoices, PayPal, Google Checkout and so on. More payment options mean more customers will complete the checkout process.

Simplify the checkout process

Extra cost and lack of payment options aren’t the only things that force consumers to abandon their shopping carts. Bad website navigation and complicated or too long checkout processes can also encourage consumers to leave your site. 27% of consumers will abandon their carts if a checkout process is too complicated. While 25% of consumers will leave your site due to the bad website navigation. Not only that, but 21% of consumers will abandon a checkout process if it takes too long to complete.
Thus, to encourage your customers to finish the checkout process, you must simplify it. Re-design your website pages to improve navigation and shorten the checkout process. Also, make sure that the checkout page contains clear and simple instructions your customers can follow. That way, your customers will more likely buy from you if the checkout process isn’t too difficult to handle.

Offer free shipping

Online consumers usually don’t plan for shipping prices when making online purchases. Moreover, 44% of consumers will abandon the shopping carts if shipping costs exceed what they expected to pay. When combined with product pricing and other costs, shipment fees can increase the costs above what customers are willing to pay for a product. To remedy this issue, you can offer customers free shipping. Make sure that this feature doesn’t hurt your bottom line.
Free shipment encourages consumers to make a purchase, even when there are additional costs involved, such as personalizing packaging costs, tax increase and so on. You can also avoid hurting your business by offering free shipment for carts valued at $100 or more. That way, you’ll not only boost sales but also encourage customers to complete the checkout process.

Improve security

One of the most important factors you can do to reduce cart abandonment rate is to improve security measures on the checkout page. Nowadays, online consumers are tech-savvier and they are generally concerned about sharing their personal information, as well as sensitive data, such as credit card information when purchasing items online.
If you implement proper cybersecurity measures during the checkout phase, you’ll ensure customers that it’s safe to shop on your website. Make sure you display security badges and logos on the checkout page so that your customers know what kind of security measures you’re implementing to protect their data.
Abandoned shopping carts is an issue that troubles all e-commerce stores. If a customer doesn’t complete the checkout process, there will be no sales and that will hurt your business. By tending to the issues your customers have on the checkout phase, you’ll vastly decrease cart abandonment rate and thus you’ll improve your sales. That way, you’ll drive your e-commerce store towards success.


  1. Brilliant post about the different effective methods an ecommerce business can close sales. I completely agree with all the points on this post. Customers want transparency regarding any charges upfront, including hidden charges at checkout is the best way to lose a sale. Awesome post, thank you!


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