How to Use LinkedIn for Branding And Marketing

Do you wish your business to be seen and heard by many? Well, who doesn’t? Almost every business wants. And in this digital era, the best way to get seen is through social media. What’s even better? There are several social media platforms available for online branding, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. But the question is why LinkedIn for branding and marketing?

LinkedIn is considered the best social media platform for businesses to network with the like-minded people and also for online branding. But why? LinkedIn allows for interacting with people in a professional way and this is the reason it is preferred the most over any other social media platform.

Introducing LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional medium using by several professionals and organizations to connect with the people in their field. It allows professionals to find new opportunities of work and organizations to find relevant candidates.

But LinkedIn is not limited to this. It provides a scope for companies, brands, and organizations to market themselves on a platform that has more than 500 million professionals worldwide. A business gets a chance to create an outstanding profile summary based on which they can connect with the prospective clients and also establish themselves as a brand. In simple terms, it acts as an effective online marketing tool.

In LinkedIn, one can create a personal account or a business account; both of which are created for different reasons as mentioned above. A LinkedIn member can connect with people they know and they are calling their first level connections. Those connected to the first level connections are your second level connections and so on. Imagine how powerful your business network can be with so many levels of connection provided! Isn’t it great for your business branding?

Who Uses LinkedIn?

SlideShare statistics for 2016 suggests that LinkedIn is mostly used by finance, educational, medical, manufacturing and tech-driven industries. It also shows that around 48% of LinkedIn members use their account at least once a day. With so many CEOs, directors, and owners available on this platform to connect with, it becomes necessary for a business to be on this platform and make a strong presence on it.

It is the ultimate tool you require for professional business networking. The statistic of LinkedIn for 2017 shows that around 80% of the B2B leads come from this platform itself. So, if we are to answer the question- who uses LinkedIn, then the answer would be anyone who wants to connect professionally and make strong business connections.

Why LinkedIn for Branding?

Online branding starts with visibility. The more your business appears online, the more are the chances of it being seen by your potential clients and customers. The more people see and hear from you, the stronger is your identity. And when so many professionals are observing your business, it becomes necessary to represent your business in an effective manner.

LinkedIn is just the perfect solution when you want your business to approach in an effective way and also reach out to a mass. Optimize your LinkedIn profile with highly rich content in tune with the SEO part of your business. But also remember to give it a personal touch so that it represents the emotional side of the business as well. After all, people always want to do business with human beings and not robots.

Here are some basic things you can perform on your LinkedIn account; be it a personal or business profile for branding purpose.

  • Optimize your profile with relevant information, achievements, and skills.
  • Make connections with people beneficial for you and your business in the long run. Connecting with everyone and anyone might just not work for your business. Also, personalize your requests backed by some data. Personalized connection requests have higher chances of being accepted.
  • Post quality content regularly. As we have already mentioned, the more your content appears the more visibility your business gains. But also remember not to post irrelevant things and content on LinkedIn. A lot of irrelevant content creates a negative impression on your business.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Branding

There are a lot of benefits to using LinkedIn for branding and marketing purpose.

  • LinkedIn is a powerful tool a business can access branding, marketing, and sales purpose.
  • It is equally effective for brand promotion and brand awareness.
  • It creates more visibility for your business and impacts it in a positive way.
  • The LinkedIn network allows connecting with other businesses and people to generate more leads. With the increase in the quality leads, the business is sure to flourish.

Over to You

So that now we are through with the concept as to how useful is LinkedIn for branding purpose. So that, we can say that it is a highly useful social media platform for almost every business. Are you also taking the benefits provided by it for your business? If not, you must consider it and try it out for yourself.



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