30 Lucrative Small Business Ideas for 2017

Numerous business ideas often come to my mind, but with each passing moment, the climate of the business world is altered by various variables, which makes some businesses become more profitable than other.

These changes often require people who want to delve into business to engage in a good research that will give them an insight into what is selling and what is not.

Over time, researches have been done to know the business ideas that are profitable. In the present business climate (2017), research has been made by various quarters which have revealed the best business ideas that are lucrative with the extant situation in the business world, and here are 30 enumerated below:

1. Babysitting


Are you the type that loves kids? Do you have free time to spend with kids? It could be evenings or weekends. You can make good use of these periods to do good business by babysitting and keeping an eye on children. You can earn some money for a short period or turn it into a business whereby people will know this is what you do and they will patronize you and put their kids in your care.

You can earn some money for a short period or turn it into a business whereby people will know this is what you do, patronize you, and put their kids in your care.

2. Blogging to launch a product

This is one of the best business ideas for you, if you enjoy writing and you are a good writer, you can start by looking for a topic you are passionate about. Then, open a website that will focus on the topic. You can also write on any other interesting thing on the blog.

After amassing the right audience, you can then launch your product. The product must, however, be related to your blogging niche.

3. Cake and decorating

cakeThis is the type of business ideas that is good for you if you love to bake and have a few artistic cake designs. Once you have decided to start this business, the next thing is for you to learn how to decorate cakes and bake them for special occasions.

4. Freelance writing

If you are creative and good with words, you can work as an online freelance writer. There are many publications that need online genuine content in story form, product reviews, product description, and reports.

All you need to start this business is talent and skill to write, a personal computer and internet connection.

5. Pet sitting

You as a pet sitter will assist people to take care of their pets when they go on trips. Most people are worried about what will happen to their pets while they are away.

You may have a safe place to put the pets or go to their homes to care for them.

6. Cookie making

Do you have a good skill and taste for baking cookies? Then making tasty and delicious cookies is a great kind of business you can do and it has lots of long-term potentials.

You can start this business by learning more on how to make unique and tasty cookies. You can also go professional by branding your own products.

7. Event planning

This is a good business idea meant for people who can multi-task easily. People and families always want to outsource their events planning most especially when they are large parties and full of busywork.

People also outsource parties like a family reunion or wedding ceremony.

8. Handyman services

Are you skilled in home repairs? You can start this kind of business by telling people that they can call you for minor home repair jobs like plumbing, mending broken stairs, fixing minor refrigerator problems, etc.

Once you can tell people what you do, you will surprise at what people are ready to pay for helping them with their stuff.

9. Catering

The catering business is for you if you love to cook, it is a perfect business idea for people who can plan and organize well. You can take this business up full time or on weekends which is good if you are building a business along with the other jobs you have.

10. Jewelry making

Jewelry making can be quite fun and profitable if you are the type that has eyes for detail work and you are patient. There are various designs to work with and this is where creativity is needed, you can sell your products to gift shops and craft fairs.

11. Proofreading and editing

This is a business idea that is good for people with good English skills and excellent grammar. To work as a proofreader, all you need to do is look for people who need your services and work directly with them.

12. Sewing and Alterations

This is a wonderful idea that you can earn money easily once you are handy with a sewing machine and can hem. You only need to take a step further by providing sewing services to people. To be successful in this business, you have to be skilled in creating concepts and designs.

13. Music tutor

Do you play instrument wonderfully well? Then you can make money by teaching others people to play.

14. Website design

website designMany small business owners can make use of your services to tell people their services. This is where your service is needed, try and talk to clients in your community, create websites for them at a cheap rate, and try as much as possible to get enough clients. Then, you are on your way to making cool cash as a website designer.

15. Party DJ

Are you a music and sound lover? If you are, then you have got yourself a good business. All you need is a good sound system and a wide selection of music. Once you have these, you have what you need to hire yourself out as DJ for events and receptions.

16. Photography

Do you like to be behind cameras? Handling cameras photography may be a great means to earn some cash. As an upcoming photographer, you can license your work online by creating an account with different photo sharing platforms.

You can also be a freelance photographer and you can take up jobs to cover an event.

17. Party Clown

If you love kids and enjoy to see them happy, then party clown or animal may be a good business for you. Party clown and entertainment go hand in hand because you make money by entertaining kids and make them have fun at their party.

18. Gift Baskets

This is a business for someone with creative mind and eyes for beautiful gifts. This is a good way to show your creative side, you must be able to identify the kind of gifts people want and package them in innovative ways.

The contents of a gift basket are different as the people who order them. People can order for different things and the business comes with festive periods like Xmas, Easter, Mothers’ day and occasions.

19. Car Washing

You can open a car spa where people can patronize you. This business is a good one because people love their cars and they want to clean their cars and put it in a nice condition. This is a kind of business that can’t fade away.

20. Computer Repair Service

If you are a computer tech genius, this is a good way for you to generate income with what you know. You can repair computers to earn extra income, you can work right in your house or you get a small office space.

21. Making custom Clothing

You can make money by making custom clothing for people, there are many designs you can get on the internet to produce custom clothing for birthday parties and other special events.

22. Pet grooming

There are lots of pet owners who don’t like bathing their pets and they are ready to pay pet groomers to get the work done. If you love pets, this is the right business for you.

23. House Cleaning

If you are the type who don’t find housecleaning difficult, you can turn it to a money making business by helping people clean their house and get paid for what you enjoy doing.

24. Online Store

With the wide access to the web, anybody can begin an online store. This is done by setting up websites and you can market your products through social media. You can sell any product or materials online.

25. Social media expert

Nowadays, almost everybody uses social media and many companies will pay people to handle their social media accounts, this can be done from home. If you are good at handling social media, this is an easy way to earn more money.

26. Physical Exercise instructor

gymIf you have experience as exercise instructor, you can pick up a job at gymnasium to teach an exercise class, or start your own business by looking for people who don’t want to go to gym and train them at home as a private trainer

27. Gardening services

If you are good at planting and maintaining gardens you can start something today by doing this business. People want vegetables or flower garden in their yard and they are ready to pay for services rendered.

28. Interior decorating

Are you always captivated by interior designs? You can start a business in interior decoration today because people will be happy to hire someone like you to decorate their home and events.

29. Farming

Are you in love with nature, do you like fresh farm produce and farming? You can take this to the next level by generating money from the sales of your farm produce.

30. Phone Repair Services

Phone repair service is a small form of business that is easy to start and you can make good money from it. Many people don’t have the time to fix their damaged phones and your services will be needed.

Final thoughts on these business ideas

With all the business ideas listed above, you have many options to choose from to begin your business today and become your own boss. If you’re also considering multiple sources of income, all these business ideas are very profitable.

Quit been idle today, take the bull by the horn, and begin your own business today!

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