How to Market Your Business via Popular Social Media Platforms

Questioning the importance of social media platforms for the business environment is like questioning the importance of water for life. Social media has come to a level when it is no longer a desire, but a necessity both for society and businesses. Can you think for a second how your life would look like without all the social media channels that connect you instantly to your loved ones around the world?

Now, with the click of a button, you can present your products or services to clients all over the globe. Statistics show that that in January 2018 there were 4.02 billion people using the internet, which represents more than half of the world’s population. There are 3.2 billion active social media users. Therefore, the power of social media is incontestable.

The CEO of Pickwriters, one of the top companies for translation reviews, declared in a recent interview how important social media is for his business: “We are running our business for over a decade now and we have witnessed how social media transformed us completely. It allows us to engage with new and potential clients across the world and reply to their comments almost instantly. Now, we rely on social media as our main channel for marketing and promoting our services.”

How Can Social Media Platforms Help You Market Your Business?

Social media platforms are the best option for any business to interact with their customers. On one hand, it allows the clients to ask questions and comment on the company’s products or services. On the other hand, it allows the business owners to engage and create strong relationships with their clients while promoting their services. Even though it might be intimidating to start your social media accounts, you can use the following tips to start promoting your business right away:

1. Start with a structured plan

Do you remember how you started your business? You drew a plan and followed its steps, right? The same happens with your social media strategy. If you want to succeed and get the most out of this form of advertising, then you need a well-structured plan.

  • You can start by establishing your social media objectives and results. Your objectives should be S.M.A.R.T, which means that they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Go beyond likes and retweets, and add conversation rate and generated leads to your goals’ list.
  • A social media audit will enlighten you on what type of customers to target and what type of persons are more likely to access your social media accounts. It is also important to evaluate what the competition is doing and how you are going to position yourself against them.
  • Even though social media involves a lot of creativity, it gives the best results only when you use it following a strict plan. Therefore, you can decide what type of posts to publish on certain dates and at what hour.
  • Test and evaluate your strategy after several months. If the results are not satisfactory, you can adjust it. For instance, you can analyze how many clicks per post you had, how many people reached your social media campaigns, and how many people visited your page. 

2. Decide which social media platforms suit your business

We already mentioned above how great social media can be for your business. However, not all social media platforms are relevant for any type of business. Therefore, it is always better to choose 3 or 4 options and stick to them:

  • Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. It is considered the easiest social media platform to use. Thanks to Facebook, it is very simple to create a presentation page of your business, build an online store, and engage your customers.
  • It is not complicated to become viral on Twitter as long as your followers retweet your posts. The more retweets you have, the higher are the chances to have more followers. Hashtags are also extremely powerful when using Twitter as they bring even more followers.
  • If you want to create a strong B2B channel, then LinkedIn is exactly what you need. It is the perfect social media platform that allows you to build connections with professionals in any industry. You can also engage with even more professionals by accessing several LinkedIn Groups.
  • When you have plenty of photos to share about your business, then you shouldn’t say no to Like Facebook, this is also a very popular channel that grew in popularity over the past years. Moreover, hashtags are very productive on this platform.
  • If you build your business around great and inspiring photos, then you should definitely open an account on Pinterest. It only takes one popular Pinterest member to pin your photo and it will be then be viewed by millions of other users. Getting viral on Pinterest is nothing more but quality images.
  • YouTube is an excellent social media platform when you want to share videos with your potential clients. This is how your business will become more trustful. What is more, you can use YouTube to stay up to date with the latest products’ prototypes and presentations.

3. Create a detailed characterization of your target audience

When you start the market research, it is important to characterize your target audience. What type of posts is most engaging for your target audience? What keywords will have more likes and page views? Furthermore, you should know the average age of your target clients, their gender, location, which are their pain points, and more details about their income and goals.

If you want to do an accurate and complete market research, here are some methods that will help you gather information:

  • Collect demographic data from surveys, customer interviews, or focus groups;
  • Analyze the clients’ behaviors;
  • Decide which are their goals and pain points.

4. Promote your services and products on social media

If you are a beginner in the social media world, you can use the Pareto rule. This means that 80% of your promotion success must be produced by 20% of your page visitors. How can this be translated for your promotion and advertising strategy? 80% of your content should focus on your customers. This means that by using this type of content you engage more with them, create strong relationships, and share information they consider valuable. The other 20% should be promotional content, putting the product or service in the center, and convincing the client to buy it.

5. Don’t be afraid of images and videos

The visual content is a lot more successful than the basic, text content. It does not matter which social media platform you plan to access. You can use many types of visual content like images, videos, GIFs, and infographics. They all tell a story to your clients and help them understand better what you want to sell.

6. Quality is always better than quantity

When you decide to promote your business on social media, you might be tempted to use as many social media platforms as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have more sales. On the contrary, you might lose track of your content strategy and risk to lose focus on the platforms that could bring you success. Therefore, based on your market research, you should choose only those social media platforms that are relevant to your type of business.

What is more, sharing a lot of posts every day doesn’t mean that you will have more people liking your page. You should concentrate your posts on problem-solving and make your clients’ lives a lot easier. Therefore, you can have a limited number of shares daily and focus your efforts on creating relevant content for your target audience.

7. Stay active on your social media accounts

Managing multiple social media accounts is not something easy. The people who are commenting or sending you messages expect a reply in maximum 1 day. Therefore, it is always better to carefully organize your schedule and be able to respond as fast as possible to your customers. This is how you show that you respect them, and you are ready to offer more information whenever necessary. In addition, when you reply to your clients’ messages, you can use a bit of humor. Your clients need to know that you are a normal person, just like them.

8. Get inspired

You should always stay updated on what the competition is doing. You can follow the most performant businesses in your industry and learn from what they are doing. Analyze in detail what type of posts they are sharing daily and at what hour. Whenever you see a great idea, you can easily adapt it and use it to get more success for your business as well.

In conclusion, social media is one of the best and most productive tools you can use to strengthen your online presence. Thanks to their increased popularity, it is very easy now to stay in contact with your customers, attract new ones, and send them updates about your products or services.



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