Mentorship at Its Best: 4 Great Tips

“People inspire people. That’s the more reason why mentorship is a critical tool for dreams accomplishment.”–Israelmore Ayivor (C.E.O of More-Talks) in his book, ‘Shaping The Dream’.

When you have a great idea–the capital, and all other material resources to begin a business venture; does that mean you are equipped to tread the road of entrepreneurship and make that million-dollar dream come true? Do you think you are fully armed to win that battle of tight and sometimes unfriendly competition in the business world?

Yes, you might be ready but one great and indispensable ingredient is still missing, and that is mentorship. Mentors help you to navigate and steer your course in the process of building a company or a business because they have the expected expertise.

However, getting the appropriate mentor may be difficult as each person has a differing ideology and ethics. And it is very important for you to choose the best mentor that will guide and lighten your path to success whilst still maintaining your ideology and ingenuity.

Here are some great tips to help you choose the best mentor that will make your road to success paved with ease. Study these tips carefully and more importantly, execute them:

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1. Be ‘Mentorable’

To find a good mentor and to reap the full benefits of mentorship, you must be willing and ready to be meet with alien ideas i.e. ideas that don’t conform to yours. If you seem or think you know all, many people would get irritated and will not find you ‘Mentorable’. You have to make it obvious that you are ignorant about certain things and you are ready to learn those things from your mentor.

2. Know what you need

You know yourself better than anyone else and only you knows what you desire in a mentor. Your expectations, dreams, and aspirations will help you determine the kind of mentor to seek. And do not limit yourself by having the idea that your mentor must be someone from your type of industry or sector. Be open-minded. You can be a President in Graphic designing or finances someday, and your mentor could be Barack Obama.

3. Keep the relationship forever

There may be a time when you feel the need to switch mentors and discard an incumbent mentor. The truth is that you do not need to do away with the mentor, keep learning and keep the relationship cordial because you may still need to go back to the mentor for help when you get stuck. Anyone can get stuck. And such a mentor will be eager to help because of the long-time relationship. The level of understanding is high. The chemistry is there already.

These lasting mentors are invaluable. Besides, you can have more than one mentor, there is no limit to the number of mentors you can have.

4. Always reciprocate

Mentorship should not be a one-way thing.  It should be a relationship with mutual benefit. Be eager to offer any help or assistance to your mentor. You may assist him or her with a research, write-up or correspondence.

This balances the relationship. The mentor does not feel exhausted and tired or sharing knowledge with you because he or she has a lot to gain from you. You become indispensable too because you are adding value to your mentor.

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Bottom Line

Building a business from beginning to success requires the support and tutelage of a more experienced personnel who will be dedicated and selfless enough to give you all you need in terms of guidance to help you achieve your goal without getting tired or irritated at some point due to your inexperience and naivety.

The importance of mentorship worths more than gold to any entrepreneur. Great entrepreneurs subscribe to this great idea of mentorship as a recipe for business success.

Facebook C.E.O, Mark Zuckerberg once  spoke about his inspiring mentor Steve Jobs, the late Founder of Apple, “He was amazing”; he said. “I had a lot of questions for him”; he told American talk show host, Charlie Rose. He talked about how Steve always guided him in building a team that is as focused as he is.

No entrepreneur who wishes to succeed should underestimate the power of mentorship.



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