The Millionaire Decision: Why Mark Zuckerberg is a Millionaire

The Millionaire’s decision is why Mark Zuckerberg is a millionaire. It differentiates the rich from the poor, the wanna-be(s) from the would-be(s) and the poverty-driven category from the poverty eradicating category. The most important factor! What is it?

Dare to try!

If you try, there are two possible outcomes–it is either you fail or you succeed. If you don’t try, there is one single outcome, you FAIL!

Why don’t you ever try out any of those brilliant, silly or weird ideas that comes to your way? A trial never hurts, you know. Every invention or innovation you see and benefit from today began with a trial…a decisive action.


All great accomplishments started from a single idea that emanated from a single thought. However, a thought is just a mere mental exercise. It may have no other importance than being ‘a thought’ unless it is acted upon. Everyone can think, irrespective of the quality of their thoughts. Some people ‘right-think’ while others ‘wrong-think’. Anyway, we still all think.

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The only thing which differentiates thoughts is the action that follows, no one cares about how good or bad your thoughts or intentions are until you carry them out in actions. I cannot agree less with Peter Marshall when he opined that “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned”. Actions turn you into a millionaire.

You should get the point, it is not your thoughts that make you a success or distinguishes you from others, not exactly. It is your actions. Obviously, funnily, nobody sees your thoughts or how spectacular those ideas locked up in your head are, so no one cares.

I do tell a pal, “nobody gives a damn about the good Samaritan’s intentions until he helps the downtrodden traveler, without which, he is just the same as the Priest and the Levite”.

Anytime my colleagues procrastinate and tell me about how great their (actionless) ideas are, and how I can help to make them start something from somewhere, by reflex, I yell Thomas Jefferson’s quote at them, “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you”.


You can never achieve that million dollar dream by thinking about it alone, that is not a dream but a mere fantasy. To be an entrepreneur, you won’t solely think about how to solve problems, you must go out of your way to start providing that solution, no matter how small, unrefined and undefined they seem at the start. You must take action!

Some of us actually want to take action but are faced with the challenges such as lack of motivation or guidance on how to begin. Here, I would give you five tips to follow which would help you to take action and sustain them. These tips, if taken to heart will make you enjoy executing your thoughts and definitely, make you a person of action. Here are they:

1. Focus on the Process only:

Do not get distracted by unimportant things around you. ‘Unimportant’ here refers to all elements that are not contributing to the trajectory of your success goals. Do not get unnecessarily anxious or distracted. Disengage from people and things that are not contributing positively to your cause of living the dream.  Simply be focused.

2. Don’t get tired or disappointed:

You should understand that every great achievement takes time. People who have made it today made a lot of huge investments in material and time. There’s no short-cut or ‘abracadabra’ to real success. You have to work at it and keep it going, It would definitely take a while. Just keep oiling the wheels. You are almost there.

3. Always put your goal in mind:

When you have your eyes on the prize, it is easier to remain dauntless and persevering. And that means there was a goal ab initio. For example, this can help a great deal, write down your goal on a sticky note and stick to your bedside and office board/workspace. This will always make you remember that you are working towards something great and you should never stop, as it would worth it at the end.

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4. Celebrate your daily accomplishments:

Celebrating your achievements here does not mean calling friends and families to dine and wine. It means you should reflect and analyze your daily activities. Give yourself kudos for the things you did right and try to find a way not to repeat your mistakes. Be motivated by your daily achievements and remorseful over your mistakes.

Integrate the above tips into your pursuit of excellence and in no time, the future will be just a breath away. What differentiates you from that great entrepreneur you admire today is ACTION. Make the decision to get the millions rolling.

I know for sure that you have already made the decision to take action while reading this. Back to the headline, Mark Zuckerberg is a millionaire because he expressed his thoughts with actions.



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