Mobile CRM: Explore the benefits

Mobile has become an essential part in our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without a smart phone. It has become an organ in our body. From teenagers to middle aged people, everyone is using mobile technology to chat with friends, for booking movie tickets, conducting video conferences, online shopping, watching videos, studying reviews, taking photographs and editing them and many more.

Because of the numerous advanced features and powerful applications, smart phones of today are considered as mini laptops. According to the E-Marketer, almost 2.5 billion people in the world are using smart phones and this number dramatically increases in the next few years. With the advent of smart phone technology in the market, businesses have considered it as an essential element in the business communications.

Many small businesses and medium sized enterprises have integrated smart phones in their work processes. As the business has becoming more and more mobile these days, Entrepreneurs are discovering more number of mobile business applications for smooth functioning of the organization.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM is one of the best business applications for the B2B or B2C companies who want to clinch higher sales. This is basically designed to help sales and marketing professionals who often require remote access to the organization’s core CRM applications.

Basically, mobile CRM is defined as the customer relationship management tool primarily designed for mobile devices that include smart phones and tablets. It helps sales team to have access to the customer data wherever they are via a cloud based system or through internet connection. It allows the mobile workers to do everything they could do with the desktop CRM version.

Now-a-days, Mobile CRM Technology is booming in the market with its varied benefits. Let’s have a deep look:

Shortens the Sales Life Cycle

Mobile CRM helps in shortening the sales life cycle as it allows the sales team to have access to the complete customer information which ultimately yields the sales personnel to have fewer interactions with the customers and successfully close the deal in a shorter span of the time. This saves the time of the sales people as they can utilize the rest of time in identifying the new opportunities and prospecting them.

Enhances Data Quality

When Sales people uses CRM desktop Version, they have to wait to update all the information related to the no. of the customers visited, no. of the meetings held, no. of the deals closed successfully and so on until they reach to their office. This creates a loop in the customer data and a higher probability of missing the information.

But with the CRM mobile application, Sales people can enter the real time customer data as soon as they finished their meetings. This increases the accuracy in the information.

Increases Productivity

Sales People having all the customer data at their finger tips help them to close the deal successfully at a shorter span of time with better interactions. When the deal is closed, delivering the product to a customer also becomes must faster. As a result, it enhances the positive customer experiences, improves sales, growth in ROI and overall productivity of the organization as well as employee.

Mobile is the best friend to everyone. There is a saying that, “A man having a smart phone in his hand can happily survive in a closed room without the provision of food even for several months.” This says the craze about smart phones. Businesses have understood it very well and slowly but rapidly moving into advanced mobile technologies. As Sales is the backbone, utilize the power of Mobile CRM Solutions in your business.



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