4 Morning Routines That Make A More Productive Day

To be woken by the ‘grrr grrrr’ sound of an alarm clock is most people’s worst nightmare. Some even go as far as slamming the clock quiet in frustration. Do you think they hate the clock? Not at all.

Most people wake up feeling grumpy because of the anxiety of what the day may look like. You need not feel this way because you can actually be in charge of your day if you utilize some hacks which have helped many productive people over time to have a fulfilling, happy, and productive day.

These routines I want to share with you have been proven by research to work for almost anyone, so you should read carefully and plan how you will imbibe them immediately. Here they are:

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1. Wake up early

According to a Time profile, Apple C.E.O, Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 every morning to begin his daily activity which is kicked off by checking his emails, followed by going to the gym. He says this allows him to catch up with people in time zones that are ahead of him and helps him utilize his day maximally.

Waking up early makes you achieve more because you would have executed some things before anyone else wakes up to ‘disturb’. Michelle Obama once told Oprah Winfrey that she wakes up by 4: 30 to work out before her kids wake up. Waking up early simply means your days start earlier than other people which often results in a more productive day.

2. Take Breakfast

I remember a question by Jeff Lindsay in his book, ‘Dearly Beloved Dexter’- “I know family comes first, but shouldn’t that mean after breakfast?” He believes that breakfast is even more important than family!

It has been found out that people who eat before going into the activities of the day usually achieve more. This is not strange as they would logically have the strength to do more. Hunger or lack of food makes us weak or at least not as strong as we ought to be.

Research shows that Margaret Thatcher takes grapefruit and coffee every morning. Taking the same food every morning helps us to imbibe this habit more easily, and it’s en route to a more productive day.

3. Draw a plan

Drawing a plan does not necessarily mean you should pen down all your moves for the day, but it is very important to at least have a mental picture of what you want the day to be like. This gives you a sense of direction and guides you through the day.

It also helps you to assess yourself when the day is over as you will be able to easily fathom if you did as planned. Anyone who fails to plan is inadvertently planning to fail. Planning is very important to achieving a more productive day.

4. Get active

Start your day with an ‘active’ activity; a physical exercise. Having early morning exercise has been found to help one focus throughout out the day.

It increases your mental alertness and prevents you from in a grumpy manner. If you start the day in an active manner, there is a better chance of being active all day and achieve more.

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Bottom line on having a more productive day

Having a bad and unfulfilling day is the worst that can happen to an entrepreneur. It gradually kills your moral and finally affects and in turn kills your business. You need to keep your day in shape and this automatically keeps your life in shape.

And how do you achieve that bright and productive day? By getting started with the tips above. Don’t let another day pass by without taking charge of your day, the time is now…



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