Your Outfit: A Powerful Business Tool

Why Should You Read This?

Almost everyone is acquainted with the popular saying that the way you dress affects the way you will be addressed. Normally, this should be enough to convince anyone that their outfit is a factor of their altitude in life. However, many people have not seen reasons to make their outfit a part of their strategy in achieving success in life.

If you are in this category, keep reading as you will be presented with well-informed reasons why you should dress in compliance with your dreams. If you are already a subscriber to the idea, you should also read on as you will be given more arguments which will make you firmer in the ideology of “dress to be addressed”. In fact, anyone who wants to achieve success in life should take everything in this write-up to mind as you will learn how you can use your dressing as a powerful tool in achieving success.

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The Passive Recommendation

On the importance of nice outfit, Hillary Wen told us what she does; “Spread my wings. And my dress does the rest”.

As a businessman, entrepreneur, or someone who provides a service or sells a product which involves meeting and interacting with people, you need to introduce yourself on first meetings and even reintroduce yourself subsequently. Some people may have forgotten you and the need to get acquainted with who you are and what you stand for.

And it is not out of place that the first thing they observe is your appearance even before a conversation ensues. The way you portray yourself in your mode of dressing will affect even their first speech to you. In his book, ‘The Deerslayer’, James Fenimore Cooper advised that “It’s wisest always to be so clad that our friends need not ask us for our names”. This is actually a hyperbole because your name is an important part of any interpersonal relationship but your dressing should speak for you.

The Ten ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of your Outfit

There are certain faux pas that you should avoid and attitudes you should inculcate in your outfit to increase your chances of achieving success in business. If it is about your business, stick to the following rules:

1) Avoid skimpy clothes which show too much skin.

2) Avoid rough or wrinkled clothes.

3) Do not wear shorts

4) Do not wear dirty clothes (even if it is just a tiny stain).

5) Wear clothes that are very comfortable so you won’t feel uncomfortable during work or meetings.

6) Avoid clothes that are too flashy.

7) Avoid heavy make-up

8) Stay away from unnecessary accessories. We all know what is not necessary.

9) Use moderate perfume, don’t make the room stuffy or discomfort people you are engaging.

10) Adhere to dress codes, if there are any.

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Bottom Line

To succeed as an entrepreneur and business owner, you must maintain a professional outfit. This makes people have more confidence in you than people who don’t mind their dressing. People tend to take you more seriously when you take your dressing seriously. Wearing an unprofessional outfit reduces credibility and one’s worth.

Make sure you always dress to reflect professionalism and good sense. It increases your chances of attaining success.



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