5 Places to Find the Right Startup Team

To start a company, there are lots of resources required — the big idea, finance, the human resource or personnel, etc. Getting it right at the stage of pulling these resources together is very important as this would lay the foundation for the ultimate success of the company.

Here, I want to focus on the human resources part: your startup team. It is fundamental that you have a team because you cannot do it alone to get best results. You need to have professionals who will handle designated tasks and enthusiastic people who share your vision and are capable of contributing immensely to the success of your start-up.

Then the question is how do you find these people? Here is a list of good places to find the right startup team:

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1. Job-search websites

This is one of the best and easiest places to find people who are enthusiastic and energetic — the right startup team. Being online to search for opportunities is a good sign that those people know the right place to look and are set to get something doing.

Here, you are open to an almost unlimited number of interested candidates to choose from. You can also use filters to suit your specifications and qualifications requirement.

2. Networking Events

Professional networking events are avenues to meet people of like minds — executives, business owners, specialists and experts, and all kinds of resource persons. These people also came for the purpose of meeting people they could ask for services or provide their services for.

Anyone who could be here has a greater probability of understanding your drift and vision, and have a passion that can move your startup forward.

3. Volunteer Events

Volunteer events are very good places to meet people who are right for your startup team. There is a great probability that these volunteers’ priority is not money.

Most of them are always willing to work for the cause of moving your idea towards success because they are volunteering based on passion. Passionate people are valuable assets for the growth of your startup.

4. Big Companies/Corporations

This is a ‘fertile’ place to get enthusiastic workers for your startup. Most of the workers in these big corporations are already fed up with the bureaucratic and orthodox practices of these companies.

They are yearning  for new and fresh opportunities that will expose them to novel practices and technology. They will be passionately eager to join your startup.

5. Anywhere Else

The truth is that you can sometimes find the best of candidates in random and the least expected places. Anywhere you go, pay attention to people and check out for those qualities you require to build a viable startup.

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You may even meet your best employee in a bank queue or in a cab; as the cab driver! Just be on the look every time. The best employee may be lurking, just around the corner.

Conclusion on Where to Find the Right Startup Team

It is very important to take your time to hire the best startup team because the people you begin with have a huge effect on your company in the long-run. You may add or remove anyone at any time, but it is important to launch your startup with the best team.



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