How to Promote Your Business by Maintaining Your Image

Although we all know that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we still do it on a subconscious level. Now, why is that? Well, simply put: our first impression matters. Especially in today’s digital world where we’re constantly being bombarded with new information from all sides. In order to make sense from all that noise, we need to trust our guts. The same could be said for the business sector where the competition is so fierce that companies have merely a few seconds to catch their customers’ attention before they move on elsewhere. Hence, the best way to promote your business is to maintain a positive image in the eyes of your customers. If you want to learn how, just check the following:

Look the part

Whether you’re the CEO of your business or merely its sole proprietor, you have to maintain an image of professionalism at all times. For example, imagine you had to hire someone to paint your house. Naturally, you’d expect that person to come well-prepared bringing their own equipment and not having to borrow your paint brush and ladders, as such a display does not instill confidence in their abilities. Likewise, if you’re a C-level executive, you have to project your vast knowledge and expertise of the industry in question by attending important conferences and seminars, by writing on relevant corporate blogs, by appearing on webcasts, and so on. This way you improve the image of your company and get people to trust you more overall.  

Create a killer website

Your website is the window into your business and it’s usually the first thing customers will see when interacting with your brand. Hence, leaving a positive first impression is vital for establishing your brand’s name over the internet. In addition, a slow, unresponsive, website that is difficult to navigate will only turn away potential customers. This is why the marks of a killer website are: a mobile-friendly design, an intuitive interface, dynamic and responsive web-pages, and relevant content. If you don’t possess the necessary technical and creative skills to create such a website, don’t try anything on your own and find someone that can. The last thing you want to do is make an amateurish looking website to reflect poorly on your business. Remember, appearance is everything.

Encourage employee advocacy

Word travels fast in today’s online world. If you mistreat your employees, word of it will get out, and such stories spread like wildfire on social media, and other channels. Likewise, if you provide your workers with a more positive work experience they’ll portray your business in good light. So, what better way to establish your ideal corporate culture than by hosting fun team-building activities for your various departments to compete against one another? For instance, a soccer tournament is an excellent way to solidify the bond between different team members and relieve any unwanted stress in the process. Additionally, by having the winning team display their soccer trophies for others to see, you’ll help reinforce the idea that teamwork is the key to success.  

Stay active on social media

Nowadays, a strong online presence necessitates the constant engagement of followers on various social media platforms. According to the latest statistics, there are over 3 billion social media users worldwide as of 2018. As such, social media offers companies a unique opportunity to interact with their target audience and build a trusted community of loyal followers around their brand. Also, with rise of smartphones, users are now able to ‘background check’ brands on social media while on-the-go, increasing the importance of a social media presence even further. Yet, there is more to social media than just posting a few promotional tweets every once in a while. In essence, it’s all about the engagement. This entails: responding to all of your follower’s comments, interacting with the community on a daily basis, and sharing entertaining content to your audience’s delight. Additionally, by posting content that’s not only amusing but educational as well, you increase your authority and expertise on certain industry matters.

Be honest

When it comes to maintaining your image, it’s easy to get carried away and pretend that your business is something it’s not. For instance, accepting a large shipment that you cannot possibly hope to deliver, or promising to finish a complex project in record time while lacking the resources for the same. Projecting confidence and looking your best is one thing, but blatantly lying to your clients is a whole other matter. Such actions will only ruin the good image you’ve worked so hard to establish and give your brand a bad name. Know your limits and always be transparent with your clients. Now, what you can do is go the extra mile and do more than what’s requested or expected. This way you don’t risk losing face and you still get to positive boost to your reputation.

To sum up, to maintain a positive business image you have to: keep a professional manner at all times; utilize a responsive, dynamic, user-friendly website; turn your employees into your best brand advocates; establish an online presence; and most importantly you need to stay true to yourself. Build yourself a reputable image and see those customers start pouring in. Good luck.



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