6 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Have you ever bought a product or service from a business that went beyond your expectations so you told everyone you knew about it? Taking the time to make your customers feel special and valued can have incredible benefits for all parties involved. Read these 6 simple strategies you can use for your business.

Create VIP offers

New customers are good but repeat customers are better! If you have a group of customers that are consistent repeat purchases it’s worth you creating a VIP list. You can create special sale events, discounts and even loyalty programs for people in this group.

This will lead to more repeat business and potentially brand advocates who will introduce their friends and family to your products and services. Don’t underestimate the power of acknowledging the customers who do large amounts of business with you.

Listen to what they have to say

Conducting surveys with your customers can be really beneficial for your business in many ways. Not only will you be able to tweak your offerings to further meet your target market’s needs but it shows your customers that you value what they have to contribute.

It makes people feel included and special, making them more invested in helping your business succeed.

Remember the important occasions

People love opening their email to exclusive offers that are just for them! If you have a loyalty of VIP program you can send out a special deal on the anniversary of when they signed up. Birthdays are a great one too, it gives people an opportunity to spoil themselves and feel special.

Think outside the box for the ways you can mark those important occasions that will work best for your specific business and be present in your customer’s lives when they celebrate throughout the year.

Keeping up appearances

With a busy business to run sometimes the little things can get overlooked. If you have a business where customers physically visit you then keep your premises clean and maybe offer some light refreshments or mints to show you want them to be comfortable during their visit.

If you conduct your business completely online then it would be essential to make sure their website experience is impeccable and that all of your website updates and changes are running as they should.

Communicate with your customers

Two of the most important factors in any relationship is trust and communication. Keep your customers informed about any updates, new product offerings, industry news or anything else they should be aware of. If you are doing renovations or closing at an unusual time or anything that may affect their experience with your brand you need to update them so they are aware.

If you don’t it can come across as though you either are trying to hide something or that you don’t care enough to spend the time updating your customers. Either way these impressions aren’t ideal so maintain that communication, it has the added benefit of keeping your brand top of mind as well.

Treat them like people

This sounds so obvious but so many business owners forget to step back and take this into account. Don’t post the same comment response to your social followers. If people see you in store, make an effort to actually engage them, a passing how are you while not even looking at the customer isn’t going to cut it. Take a unique approach, don’t set a standard greeting that makes people feel it’s generic.

If the majority of your communication with customers is done online or is automated, make sure you are personalizing your communication with their name at the very least. You will also want to test that these automated services are working correctly. There is nothing worse than getting a personalized email that says “Hi <first name>”. Don’t be that business. Treat people like people and pay attention to the small things that matter.

People like to do business with people they like. The strategies that you use to make customers feel special are mutually beneficial because you are able to make them happy and in turn this builds your business. Provide value and pay attention to your customers to see the best results in your activities.



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