8 Best Startup Business Ideas for College Students in 2018

Those who have been to college know that working a full-time job while going to university full-time can present a problem in terms of dividing time between school and work. Many college students find themselves in need of additional income, but they are short on time to earn extra money.

Here are some of the best and top startup businesses ideas for college students; these need only a small amount of money and, of course, time.

1. Childcare Services

College students can be the biggest asset of busy parents. Often their schedules are flexible and they can help parents with after-school pickups and sports practices, as well as giving parents a much-needed date night.

Many college-age women work as mothers helpers or nannies to earn money. Every parent needs a sitter at some time and college students can help meet that demand.

2. Event Organizer

This is one of the best start-up business ideas for college students in 2017. It’s so easy to do; in fact, you can use the primary social media channels and create a site to get your name out to possible clients.

This is a win-win for everyone; the venue gets more clients, the musician gets exposure, etc. To become successful in this kind of venture, you must find the best worker to work with. Also, you must ensure that you have the same things in mind.

Communication is the key to becoming successful in this kind of business. Aside from superb communication skills, organizational skills and an understanding of the basics of business, finance and marketing are essential as an organizer.

3. Resume Writing

Most students need properly written resumes. It doesn’t matter whether a student is preparing for life after college or applying for a summer job. At this point in time, jobs and internships are competitive.

The way your application letter looks could make or break your chances of getting hired for the position to which you are applying. It is essential that your resume is impeccable; therefore, you can offer your services to others.

Go online to learn how to write a good resume. You can also visit a career counseling center for further guidelines.

4. Tutoring

Many students encounter some time in their college careers during which they need a bit of help in a specific class or area of study.

Students who do extremely well in specific subjects could provide a useful service by tutoring other students. This is one of the best business ideas for college students in 2017 because it really doesn’t take much preparation.

Also, you can expand this to editing papers for others and help correct other students errors.

5. Sports or Music Lessons

College students who do extremely well at sports can provide lessons to kids. This enables kids to gain valuable skills, while the college student earns extra income.

A potential instructor can also work with high school and junior high bands to look for clients.

6. Become a Personal Shopper

Today, people are more than willing to pay others to run their errands as well as do the buying for them. A personal shopper gets paid to shop.

That is what makes this a top business idea for college students earning money to ease someone’s workload and check items off their to-do list.

7. Computer Repair and Web Design

Today, the young generation has grown up with technology. They don’t remember the world without computers, CDs or mobile phones.

Got a computer issue? Chances are you can contact a college student and they can fix it with a few clicks of the mouse. Do you want a website designed or maintained?

Call the computer programming department at your school and ask for a student they could recommend.

8. Online Home-Based Business

This is perhaps the best option, but the least obvious. Many people make 100k a year in this area, working part-time. Often, people are skeptical with regards to those who make money from home online.

However, the truth is, it works when you spend time on it. The top student is normally the top earner; therefore, it is essential to know about the business and utilize the right training tips.

You could be in business for less than the cost of a few gourmet coffees a month and start immediately. Make money for a month; when you get good at it, you’ll be making thousands.

Do not regard the lack of career opportunities for college students as discouraging. Are you having trouble finding a job which works with a hectic school schedule? Then create one!

That amazing idea can turn into considerable income and thus be one of the top business ideas for college students in 2018.


  1. This post will really help university students to know sources of how to earn extra income. Being broke in school is one awkward thing that can happen to an undergraduate, you don’t have to just depend on your sponsors for your finances.


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