How to Stay Organized at Work

Staying organized at work is very important. Even though it is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish.

Think about it. Lots of people spend time writing long to-do lists but there are only very few who manages to get them done.

That’s because it isn’t really important how much time you spend planning your tasks. It doesn’t even matter if you plan to do a hundred things within 24 hours.

It’s all about action. It is all about output. You see, we don’t plan our day just so we can tell our friends that we planned our day.

The purpose of planning our day is that we can stay productive for the whole day, and productivity only happens when we are organized.

How does one become organized? Before we get to that, let us first talk about how we can’t be organized.

You see, there are times when we feel like we are being productive, but it turns out we are just being busy. Being productive and being busy are two different things.

When one is busy it means that a person is doing lots of things at a given time. No. Wait.

You don’t even have to do lots of things in order to be busy. When you are doing just one thing then it means that you are busy.

So, what does being productive mean?

Productive means you have accomplished something. It means that out of the things that you did for the day, there are finished tasks because there can be times when you did a lot of things for the day, but only managed to finish half of the work.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you are being productive. The only way to be productive is to follow effective strategies that can allow you to accomplish your work. Here are some effective tips to help you with that:

List down only two tasks for a day

It can really be tempting to write down all the things you can possibly think of on your to-do list, but your priority shouldn’t be on how to satisfy yourself. Rather, it should be on how to get things done.

Don’t get me wrong. I know how good it feels when you are busy. Being busy really does give you the feeling of being productive, but that is nothing but a diversion.

The key to being productive is not to feel productive, but to actually be productive. The key is to actually accomplish something.

The only way you’ll accomplish something is if you give yourself some air. Focus on doing things that you can actually do for 24 hours.

Make your workspace neat

Admit it. The environment you’re in is more of a determinant of whether you’re going to be productive than that old to-do list.

We always spend all out time and effort on the to-do list but we often forget the most important: the workspace.

Nobody is going to want to work in an environment where things are all over the place.

With that, you should also spend some time trying to keep your workspace tidy and clean before starting your work.

We all have psychology to thank for this. Our environment can affect how we view our working mood.

With that, let us all do ourselves a favor and prioritize how our desk looks. That way, we won’t have to debate with ourselves whether to finish the tasks on time.

With tidy and neat work desks, you can bet that the workload will be much easier and lighter since we won’t have to make excuses for not doing something.

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