The one element your business lacks

Ever wondered how to reach millions of people at a time?

Ever wondered how to transform your business from local to international?

What’s holding you back?

A recipe you omitted.

And that’s the Internet.

Perhaps, you don’t know. The number of internet users worldwide as at 2015 amounts to 3.17 billion which is 43.4% of the worldwide population.

In Nigeria, more than 86 million people use the internet as at 2016 (and this amount to 46.1% of the total population).

Brainstorm on this, if you could reach a quarter of Nigerians’ population (of internet users). What more exposure do you need for your business? What if it’s half of that population? Or even less?

Ok, what if it’s worldwide? Let me guess, you loosed count already!

Do the comparison.

Pasting posters/flyers on street walls, the “post-no-bill” trouble you may encounter and the cost implication to either the meager sum needed for a social media advert or the amount needed to set up a blog or Facebook page.

Business transformation, from parochial to worldwide needs the internet. Immerse yourself into the 21st century and stop limiting your business.

This isn’t an advert for Facebook or Twitter. It’s what you need and can’t afford to lack.

Imagine yourself sitting in your office/shop, reaching millions of people instantaneously, known and unknown, within and abroad, without a sweat.

Sounds lovely, right?

Here are 4 ways to leverage the internet for a prosperous business:

  • Create a blog or website

One way to leverage the internet is to create a blog or website for your product and/or service(s). There are various blogging platforms, but I’d advise you utilize a paid one. Reach out with this platform and possibly, make sales with it.

  • Open a social media page

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be used to showcase your business. Open a page, which redirects people to your website or blog to enlighten them about your product and/or service(s).

  • Advertise your page and mediums

Advertise your website or product through online social Medias. You can choose to make the advert international (available in the advert options) or local.

Fortunately, you can start with free adverts by promoting your pages through various shares.

However, you can advertise for as low as $1 daily.

  • Sell online

Sell online using internet payment platforms (voguepay, interswitch and others) and ensure prompt order delivery to promote your sales. Good impression births innumerable loyal customers.

The internet is what you need for the breakthrough. Start exploring its many worlds of possibilities now!

Give your business the boost it needs!

What other ways do you think the internet can help boost your business? Share in the comments.



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