The Power of No

Ever heard about the Power of No?

No is a word of disapproval on something or someone. It’s the opposite of yes.

It’s a word most people are scared to say, they neither want to lose their friends nor want issues with anybody.

“No” is a word no one wants to hear. Whenever a request is pushed forward, “yes” is usually our expectation.

“No” is a 2-character word that can cut deep into our hearts, it hurts our pride and feelings.

“No” has the tendency to frustrate, disappoint, shock, disorganize and annoy us when we’re told.

However, “No” is the word we say when several opportunities where we’d have to choose one, comes up. Do you want to be an employee, employer or both? Whichever way, you’d say “No” to one or two.

“No” is the word that distinct our wants from others, it distinct our lifestyle from others and makes us who we are today, just as much as yes has.

Saying “No” makes us selective, it helps us filter out the unimportant from the vitals.

Several people are over-pressured for their inability to say “No”. Say “No” to an unimportant meeting, then you have time for other important stuff.

Saying “No” builds our confidence, it reminds us that we own ourselves and we’re the sole captain of our ship. Saying “No” to others insinuates saying yes to yourself.

Saying “No” earns us respect – you’ll respect yourself, so will others. You’ll lose people’s love from saying “No”, but whoever is trying to step in your boundaries does not love you in the first place because those who love us respect our boundaries.

Saying “No” insinuates you have control over your life and schedule. It often insinuates self-discipline.

Saying “No” frees you up to say “Yes” when necessary. It drafts out your scale of preference.

Saying “No” shades us from manipulators and flatterers. It hinders people from taking advantage of you.

And accepting “No” means we respect, love and regard the person it came from.

It means we’re neither selfish nor greedy in our dealings.

This isn’t a piece to tell you what to do; it’s a piece that highlights the power of “No” – both positively and negatively.

What do you think? Should we say “No” more often?

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