The universal language of the future, can you speak it?

The future of the world lies with an esoteric set of individuals. There’s a particular characteristic that is unique to these Individuals which is the ability to look beyond immediate occurrences and distractions to focus their thought process towards a futuristic aspiration by solving an immediate problem in their respective societies.

Most times, these individuals are unpopular, asocial, but exceptionally creative. They hack on an idea to break boundaries using technology that will change the world forever. People like Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, and Steve Huffman of Reddit, have practically changed the way we acquire knowledge from the internet. To me, these are the futuristic demigods!

It is noteworthy that the ability to think deeply about a problem from different perspectives and user cases is the common ground for these innovators.

I strongly believe, as an intellectual, one must think about a problem from the effect of the problem, means of solving the problem, the cost of solving the problem, and finally, the positive impact of solving the problem.

For example, there are about 10 million poorly educated students in Nigeria. This staggering figure is an indication of several infrastructural problems in the education sector of the nation. The effect of this problem is obviously mass illiteracy which is bad for the economy and general development. This problem can be solved by a new technology called Virtual reality gears.

Virtual reality gears are devices that replicate an environment, real or imagined, and simulate a user’s physical presence and environment in a way that allows the user to interact with it. This means that Musa in Nassarawa, Jibola in Abeokuta and Ruth in Bayelsa can receive the same quality of education as a child of their age will receive in the United States of America. How amazing!

To live in a world of your imagination, a world of ease and comfort, it is highly imperative to look at the myriad of problems snaking around in our society and solve them with the universal language of the future, technology.



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