6 Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur

As much as we may keep on debating it forever, we can’t all make remarkable entrepreneurs...

A few will be outstanding while several others will be average. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that the average ones are not millionaires or unsuccessful.

As Jeff Haden said; Good entrepreneurs make money. Great entrepreneurs make serious money. But remarkable entrepreneurs do make more than money. They make a significant impact on the lives of their employees, industries, and communities.

6 Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur
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Today, we’re plugging into the traits  distinguishing characteristics or qualities, especially of your personal nature  that suggest you’ll become a success story in no time if you decide to become an entrepreneur.

Some individuals make better entrepreneurs than employees. Similarly, in the military, some soldiers are better at giving orders than taking them. Am I making any sense yet?

Remarkable entrepreneurs — whose stories not only inspired but also drove several other entrepreneurs into action — usually have some common qualities and traits.

These traits distinguish a multi-billionaire from a millionaire and great entrepreneurs from remarkable entrepreneurs.

They also help you drift through thick and thin and bring out the best in you. Even when everyone thinks or expects you to give up, these traits will keep you going. Some of these traits are listed below;

1. An Innovator

Entrepreneurship is based on your ability to invent new ideas, administer better solutions, and prime new brands.

6 Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur
Image Credit: PreneurDigest

All these are highly difficult to achieve if you’re not innovative.

Innovation is the weapon used by remarkable entrepreneurs in exploiting change to become an opportunity for a new idea or business.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be an original and creative thinker who can introduce and feature new ideas.

Entrepreneurial success is all about doing what others have been doing in a different way. The more innovative you are, the better your chances of success.

2. A Problem Solver

Remarkably successful entrepreneurs don’t just start a business, they solve a problem in the process.

We all search for solutions to different problems daily and hope for a better and smarter way to complete tasks.

Maneuvering these opportunities by creating a better and unique solution to a problem is a common trait of remarkable entrepreneurs.

Focus on building a must-have and smart product, not a beautiful product. A must-have product solves a tender problem in a unique way.

6 Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur
Image Credit: PreneurDigest

Create a solution to hurting problems and be obsessed with it. Provide a solution to the needs of your potential customers, don’t settle for their wants.

Thinking about your immediate environment problems offer you a business, let alone the world’s problems.

3. A Calculated Risk Taker

A remarkable entrepreneur takes calculated risks.

There is always a ‘what if’ to any action you want to take. What if I lose my hard-earned capital in this investment? What if it doesn’t work out or my targeted customers don’t need or like my product?

Your ability to step on your fears and go ahead with what you think should be okay makes you a successful entrepreneur. However, take risks sensibly.

To start and grow a successful business, you may need to abandon a steady paycheck, input some of your personal funds, trust a like-minded fellow, or bet on imperative time frames.

Each of these is a risk, but a calculated risk. The difference between risk takers and calculated risk takers lies between success, failure, and total failure.

Risk takers place all their eggs in one basket, if they fail, there’s no way to get back on their feet. They live to fight once.

But calculated risk takers live to fight another day. If they fail, there’s always a backup plan to get them back on their feet as early as possible.

This trait can drive you to become a remarkable entrepreneur.

4. An Optimist

Remarkable entrepreneurs are optimists.

Life is a thorn of obstacles, so is entrepreneurship. However, an enormous level of positive thoughts through optimism can help you succumb these obstacles one after the other.

6 Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur
Image Credit: PreneurDigest

No successful entrepreneur has ever said it’s an all-rosy trip. Pessimism, on the other hand, hinders you from getting to the end of the road as you’ll only focus on the negatives.

You need to have a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life. Thinking negatively hinders you from taking calculated risks.

Think positively of people, life, your business, colleagues, and employees for everything to come out fine in the end.

5. One Who Thinks Uniquely

Remarkable entrepreneurs think differently.

They perceive challenges as opportunities, competitors as research subjects, perfection as an enemy of progress, mistakes as lessons, and entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.

6 Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur
Image Credit: PreneurDigest

As an entrepreneur, you need to seize any opportunity that comes your way and continually search for creative and unique ways to grow your business.

Learn to challenge the status quo. Ask yourself why you have to take any step. Be willing to break the rules or amend them to fit your purpose. After all, someone set those rules, who says you can’t set yours?

6. One Who Never Quits

Remarkable entrepreneurs never quit.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely and frustrating. The trouble involved in securing a startup fund is a typical example. You may be rejected a hundred consecutive number of times.

Yet you keep pushing till you get an investor who believes in you and your idea. Also, your business is your life, if you’re not well-disciplined, you may have no time for other basic necessities.

But as tough as it may become, never give up. Quitting is not an option. Remember why you started out and what you set out to achieve.

Keep trying, change styles, keep pushing, change styles, keep struggling, change styles, but never give up.

Conclusion on Traits That Suggest You Will Make A Remarkable Entrepreneur

If you possess the above traits, start your own business today. You’ll be amazed at how far you will go. However, if you don’t possess them, never be discouraged for these traits don’t hold the key to your entrepreneurial success.

You can always improvise or learn to inculcate these traits to become a better and remarkable entrepreneur.

What other trait do you think suggests that a person will make a remarkable entrepreneur?


  1. Good read. Does “One Who never Quits” equate with Implementation?

    Not infrequently, some do the magical innovating but flounder getting the innovation to market.

    Therefore, if those people are to be successful entrepreurs, they need to hire the right people to help them do so.


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