3 Traits You Must Inculcate To Lead a Successful and Productive Life

Let’s face it! You want to get fulfilled–be influential, successful, and exemplary. But the question is, are you on the path to be one?

Several wishes dangle in your mind but you’re yet to achieve any. It is high time you woke up. Live a virile life of getting stronger and better in order to lead a life of purpose.

To get on the right track in life, utilize the following tips:

• Avoid Using “May” in your Decisions

Here’s not removing the modal verb from English Language. Simply put, you need to be more confident and determined in your actions. Use “will” or “shall” or “want” instead and more often.

When you use “may,” it suggests you are not sure of yourself or decisions. Often times, you’re perceived a weakling in whatever plan you inculcate “may” into.

In an instance when you decide you want to open a business center in your area, and then you put down the decision thus: “I will move to area X and I may open a shop where I hope to earn some money.”

This statement can change how soon you’d move to your new area. It could even mean you won’t be moving at all. But when you substitute the may for will, it means you really mean your plan and you will work at all cost to achieve it.

A way to use may to your advantage, however, is for death. This inspires you to work harder in order to lead a good life while you’re alive. When you say to yourself: I may die tomorrow, then you know you must not waver but get on to live well in order to achieve before you die.

• Shun Away Fear

To become successful and influential, do not be ruled by fear. Fear is a trait that can kill you before your death. Make strong and confident, but wise life decisions.

Be strong and discard fear. You cannot make rich decisions when you’re scared. Always believe that challenges will sharpen you and shy away from the fear of all your course.

There is no discovery that doesn’t have its fear of failure, but they get celebrated after the fear is blown out. To make it big in life, put away your fears and burst out to make decisions that will surprise even you.

• Never Bow to Society’s Dictates

To triumph in life, be different in a special way. You, however, can’t be different when you lean to what the society speaks. You must be different by making unique decisions–what you perceive as right and best.

Criticism and side talks will always come from people. Do not be moved by what they say. Do what’s right and leave the gossips to them. Whether you do as they wish or not, their talks will only last for a while.

To live a fulfilling life requires you to stand tall amidst thorns and pickles. It requires you to change any style of living that is antithetical to growth. It requires you to make life choices that are essential to get fulfilled.

Are you ready to lead a successful and productive life? You have all you need. Just get on with it!



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