Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Here Are 4 Tips on Getting Started

Entrepreneurship is a scary, rough, but enticing way of life–the journey is usually worth the stress. Below is a story of an aspiring entrepreneur, Micheal. It is a story any aspiring entrepreneur must learn from.

Michael has the dream of owning a multi-million dollar company someday–to be an entrepreneur. He has always dreamt of being a multi-millionaire. He is a smart and creative strategist. He is also a wonderful communicator who can successfully convince you to vote Donald Trump over Abraham Lincoln without much ado.

He has written a lot of amazing business plans, marketing strategies, and business proposals. He spends hours daily, studying various companies’ structure and models.

He surfs the net and reads e-books to learn about financial structures, marketing, advertising, and daily executing practices of giant companies and smaller start-ups. He is just the kind of guy Silicon Valley needs.

The Downside of the Story

Micheal has been waiting for the day someone would hire him, partner with him, invest in him or sponsor his ideas. Sadly, that day never came because Michael is the garbage guy on my street.

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The story of Michael is the likelihood story of all passionate, smart and creative individuals who have lofty dreams–Silicon Valley dreams, Wall Street Dreams and Multi-billion dollar dreams. But they never came an inch near achieving it.

Won’t you ask me why? ? Oh, you know the answer already. They didn’t start! They procrastinated the fulfillment of their entrepreneurial dreams and visions.

Most are clueless or do not have the required know-how skills to kick off. Some neglect the fact that big firms started small while some lack mentorship.

Are you like Micheal (the dreamer) but want a twist of success in your own story? Do you wish to start an entrepreneurial venture but you have zero ideas on how to get started?

Here are 4 important tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the right sector:

Make sure the industry which your start-up will focus on is one which is large and growing so that the demand for your service will be high. With this, most of the work has been done, you just have to follow the same strategy as the players already there. Add a bit of your own ingenuity to make you distinct you from everyone. When you are in the wrong sector, you may get frustrated trying to find a path. You may even quit in the long-run.

2. Be frugal:

Most people who have lofty dreams don’t realize that they have to work for it, both physically and financially. You have to invest your savings into your idea. If you are a reckless spender, you may not have anything left to finance your idea talkless execute it. You must be very disciplined when it comes to spending and saving.

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3. Choose a mentor:

As a budding entrepreneur, a role model you look up to for mentorship and inspiration is vital. It doesn’t have to be someone you have known or met physically. For me, Steve Jobs is my mentor and I have never met him. In fact, I can never meet him! But his principles and methods are the guides in my business. However, your mentor should have done or been doing something related to your field so you can follow his trajectory of success.

4. Talk to people in that sector:

Go out and try to link up with people who are doing what you want to do or something close to it. Ask them questions and learn from their answers. Attend workshops, seminars, conferences, watch webinars and subscribe to channels and fora where those people share ideas. This will not only teach and motivate you, it will definitely get you started.


From here, you get motivation and a few heads-up. The rest (to be an entrepreneur or not) is up to you.

A young man Michael told his story once asked, “But how do I begin?”

His answer was short and simple. He looked him straight in the eye and smiled, saying: “Don’t wait to be discovered, hatch yourself”.



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