Why You Should Use Lifestyle Marketing In Your Business

An amazing thing about the internet is that it has further bridged the gap between one’s interests and their professions. One of the most tangible ways in which this has happened is through lifestyle marketing. If you’re not familiar with lifestyle marketing, it’s the promotion and campaigning of products or brands by appealing to specific lifestyles.


Lifestyle marketing doesn’t have to be carried out by lifestylers per se — companies like Red Bull use lifestyle marketing all the time in their advertisements despite their products not being specific for anyone. However, for a traveler or adventurer, you can use lifestyle marketing to live your best life and build your own brand. This is all thanks to advancements in technology and we certainly have the means to do it, so why wait? Here are some reasons to build a brand around your own adventures:

It Connects You With Other Travel Consumers

You are a travel and adventure consumer, in the simplest of marketing terms. Embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure like the one you’re thinking about will connect you with other travel consumers from many different paths of life and could even enrich your own travel experiences. However, it can also connect you to kinds of people and customers you wouldn’t suspect.


A good example of this comes from San Diego’s Hansen Surf. The San Diego surf company recently targeted outdoorsy fathers with their content piece “The Epic Dad Adventure Guide.” Regardless of them being a surf company, this piece focused on camping because they recognized the different lifestyles some of their customers may lead and that their products appealed to. So you see, connecting with travel consumers can happen from different kinds of travel.

It Justifies Your Travel Costs

Turning your travel into a business can in turn give you more reason to travel. This may sound great, but what about the cost? Traveling is expensive, after all. Well, as you may have guessed, there are travel costs on your taxes you may be able to write off. For instance, photographers are able to write off their travel expenses based on car wear, gas costs, and airfare. Profitable travel bloggers can also claim similar deductions and write offs, as explained in detail here.


Now, this may sound great, but it may not be easy. You should also take this time to consider whether the financial hassle is worth it — do you want to turn your adventures into a career? Would it lose its allure? If you find yourself conflicted about this, or needing answers to questions about the financial specifics of being a professional adventurer, many have gone before you! Ask other travel bloggers what they have done and how they have justified their travel costs. Because in general, you can’t be self-employed or an entrepreneur without the help and advice of others.


You Are Your Own Target Audience

The best part of turning your passion into your career is that you are the kind of person you’re selling to. Your target audience is people who are interested in living the same kind of life that you live. So think about that: what kind of people do you look up to or take ideas from? That’s the kind of person you want to become and the kind of brand you want to start: for the people, by the people.


Think hard on this. The concept of selling to yourself is so often done wrong — don’t just think of what you can make yourself; think of what you want as a consumer. Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t pay for. When monetizing a blog, don’t write anything you wouldn’t read either. Keeping these things in mind, you should be able to craft a pretty good product to market.


If you are able to diligently work your traveling into profit, you’ve succeeded. If you’re not there yet, don’t give up hope! You will be soon. Have you been able to do this? Let us know in the comments below!



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