5 Reasons You’ve Failed as An Entrepreneur (And Will Always Fail)

Life is hard, and not everybody succeeds at it. So is being an entrepreneur.

According to statistics brain, only 9.2% of Americans who set New Year goals feel like they have successfully achieved them at the end of the year.

5 Reasons You Have Failed as An Entrepreneur (And Will Always Fail)
Data Source: Statistics Brain

That leaves us with a whopping 90.8% who fail to accomplish their yearly set goals. If you are one of this larger percentage, then this article is for you.

Think of a goal you wish to achieve in life or as an entrepreneur but you haven’t. Whether you’re drowning in the fear of starting or have started and failed.

Either way, zoom in on that huge failure of your life — that aspect of your life that you undoubtedly want to succeed at. Perhaps, you’re combatting it as you read this.

Analyze yourself and make sure any of the following is not your obstruction.

1. You think negatively

The consequence of negative thinking is defeat.

Continually worrying about anything is detrimental to your health. It causes irregular heartbeats and respiration.

According to National Science Foundation, our brains produce as many as 50,000 thoughts a day. What do you think would happen if almost all are negative thoughts?

It will entirely incapacitate you but you already know that, right?

To improve your odds of achieving success, you must think positively. Smile often, do exercise, don’t play the victim, and surround yourself with positive people.

Even when you experience the negatives of life because you will, think about the positives attached. To every mistake or failure is a success therein.

Don’t perceive any stumbling block as a problem. Regard them as challenges and remember, challenges are meant to be surmounted.

Think of ways around your challenges. Act positively and be positive. Say to your heart, body, and mind, ‘I can do it’. Then, you can and you will.

2. You worry about what people would say

One way or the other, we all care about what people will say. I do too and that’s okay. It keeps us in check.

However, worrying about what anyone would say about your dreams in action can lead to your downfall.

Perhaps, photography is your talent; you love and enjoy taking pictures. And your pictures come out great and natural.

5 Reasons You Have Failed as An Entrepreneur (And Will Always Fail)
Image Source: Pixabay

But you don’t want to be called a photographer — you don’t want to be the jest of people. That’s why you’ve been failing.

Forget about what people would say. The hoax is temporary. Someday, they’ll solicit your advice and commend your efforts.

What matters is that you are happily achieving your dreams because you’re unique and special in your own way.

In fact, if no one is giving you attitude for what you do, you may be on the wrong track. Perhaps, you’re only trying to satisfy others at the detriment of your own wants.

3. You’re rigid with your methods

I have a friend who loves watching a TV show — A thousand ways to die. He talks about it and often reiterates that it’s his favorite show.

5 Reasons You Have Failed as An Entrepreneur (And Will Always Fail)
Image source: fanart.tv

He wants to know a thousand ways to die but hates death.

Take a clue from that. Learn a thousand ways to achieve your dreams; after all, it’s what you want and love.

To achieve your dreams, don’t do it the same way, all day long. Be flexible, open-minded, and borrow ideas.

How you get there doesn’t matter (but you’ve got to separate right from wrong), what matters is getting there.

Try out other methods.

4. You give up when things get really tough

A few days ago, I met a highly talented and passionate individual, Blaine Wilkerson, who is a professional writer, top 10 marketing expert at MarketingProfs and CEO of Online Business Made Simple.

During our chat, the passion intertwined with his responses forced me to ask what kept him going and that made him share a story with me. Here’s the story in his words:

“What kept me going?

Nothing…I quit.

I threw away a strong online presence and dozens of relationships with folks who are now cherished thought leaders (They kinda remember me).

I took a teaching job and hid from anything having to do with marketing, clients, or writing.

After a few years of feeling empty, I tried to fill the void by going back to college.

Completed one worthless degree and got a promotion = bored.

Shifted gears and went to nursing school = interesting…but still bored.

Then one day, I decided it was time to thin out my massive collection of stuff (I collect lots of different things). So I ventured online to research the current market. That’s when I did the unthinkable…

I googled my name.

The results were filled with mentions by my old colleagues. Things like:

“Where is Blaine? It’s like he fell off the face of the earth?”

“Does anyone know how to reach Blaine? I think he had some medical issues or something.”

Suddenly something hit me. No, literally — my garage ceiling gave in and fell in on top of me.

I sat there for a moment…covered in insulation and broken sheetrock. Although it was tempting to ask “can it get any worse?”, I managed to bite my mental tongue.

As the dust was settling, I had an epiphany.

“What the fuck am I doing?”

Yes, the world moved on without me, but I still have a chance. Actually, my chances are even better now that the Internet has matured a bit. Resources that were far out of reach back in the late 90’s are now affordable and plentiful. I can do this again.

And even as the world seemed to be crumbling around me, I found that spark again. I rediscovered that passion I was too scared to pursue. I had it all along but kept it locked away.

You see, I had convinced myself that my entrepreneurial passion was a character flaw. My previous failures only seemed to confirm it. But at the same time, playing by the traditional rules of colleges, degrees, and corporate employment wasn’t cutting it. No matter how far I climbed the ladder of corporate status and income…I was miserable.

I decided to get off my ass, face my fears, and do something about it. But I had a lot to learn.

Everything had changed online. WordPress, blogs, social media, and the fact that email marketing actually took off…it was an all-new world to me. So I dove in and did one of the things I excel at: learn at a ferocious pace.

Here I am, a few years later and 1000 times stronger, about to launch my blog. I’ve hit many roadblocks along the way. Some I have yet to conquer. But I’m pushing forward no matter what.

I’ve felt (and succumbed) to online failure. I’ve felt the daily gut-punch of quitting. I’ve felt what it’s like to give up, “be a good boy” and go back to a JOB.

And believe me when I tell you: you’ll never forgive yourself if you quit.

Change gears? Sure.

Change strategies? Sure.

Change niches? Sure.

But never, ever, ever quit. The pain of quitting is a thousand times worse than any obstacle you are facing now.”

His story says it all…keep trying, don’t quit, and never give up on your dreams. Besides, once you taste entrepreneurial freedom, you will never find happiness by going back to the traditional way of success — jobs and colleges.

5. You don’t forgive your previous mistake(s)

We all make mistakes, and that’s okay. Holding on to your previous mistakes, however, debars you from success.

As an entrepreneur, you may make decisions that you regret. It ranges from making the wrong investment to hiring the wrong person or incurring an unexpected loss.

5 Reasons You Have Failed as An Entrepreneur (And Will Always Fail)
Image source: Hays

To excel at what you do, you must perceive these mistakes as blessings. They become failures when you regard them as such.

Mistakes can either break or make you. They break you when you don’t forgive and let go and make you when you forgive, let go, and learn from them.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must feel comfortable making mistakes for we are all imperfect. Then someday, you would be a master of experience.


Finally, a problem identified is half solved. Why have you failed or may always fail? Have you identified it? Tell me about it in the comments section.



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